After His Mexico Trip, ‘Statesmanlike’ Trump Lasted All of Three Minutes

After His Mexico Trip, ‘Statesmanlike’ Trump Lasted All of Three Minutes

As soon as he was back on U.S. soil, Trump returned to form and started yelling about foreigners.

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20 Responses

  1. MrJabloney says:

    Trump is clearly stating that ACTUAL criminals are sneaking in with the
    illegal immigrants. Which is true. Yet these liberal motherfuckers keep
    being deliberately obtuse. And pretend that he’s saying “get rid of all
    Mexicans”. Why is it that Democrats love pointing out Americas problems.
    Yet get violently antagonistic if someone comes up with a solution?

  2. Rafael Vazquez89898888 says:

    That part of the big bully been beaten, discribe him pretty well..Let’s
    keep beaten this big old fart racist bully!

  3. rotary Bang says:

    Trumps campaign will go down in history as one of the best to watch

  4. Randy Brent says:

    Trump didn’t say those things last night. This was Wednesday before he went
    to Mexico I’m pretty sure.

  5. Shelton Gillie says:

    “Crime all over the place” is probably the funniest thing I’ve ever heard
    him say lmfaooooo

  6. Calvin Weustink says:

    America, you’re scaring me here.

  7. Raghuvansh Ramesh says:

    I’m surprised Mexico actually let Trump in.

  8. thehumburger says:

    Haha 2 days ago he said Obama deported a lot of people and he was going to
    do the same thing but “with more energy.” Now he says Obama lets em run
    free in the streets. Guess you can say anything and it doesn’t matter when
    your followers are totally oblivious.

  9. onesufi says:

    That fucking teleprompter is gone missing AGAIN, somebody needs to get
    hired NOW. I believed him when he first said ” I’ve got words, I’ve got the
    best words”. I guess like Vietnam I think he found a way to dodge college
    as well.

  10. Rizvi Redwan says:

    trump dictionary: Crime is a verb. He’s rewriting english language.

  11. carl perkins says:

    mexican president invited trump to mexico to talk about his problem about
    mexico people
    and trump peed in his pants saying mexico will not pay for the wall in
    front to mexican president after to hours..trump denied to reporters that
    and he said that “”we never talked about the wall”” TRUMP CHICKEN OUT IN

  12. Christopher Huffman says:

    What’s with the screaming joke? Has he ever listened to Hilary “speak”?

  13. David Nieves says:

    You all worship the wicked evil…witch of the left.

  14. brian burke says:

    I’ve figured it out. Daytime Trump Is Conway Trump. Night Trump is Bannon
    Trump. He’s like a racist werewolf, or Dr. Jerkoff and Mr. Hate

  15. william jervis says:

    He’s trying his hardest to doom any chance that he’ll have to do that job.
    And his stupid ass supporters don’t know that’s what he’s doing. LANDSLIDE

  16. Flor Ferrer says:

    Rapist, child molestation, sexual assault, but enough about you Trump….

  17. GilbertoTX says:

    Trump is a con man will say anything to get elected, basically a liar, he
    has No principles. fuck trump

  18. Fred Fredburger says:

    Is it not reasonable to deport the two million illegals who are actually
    convicted criminals? As opposed to ignoring the problem and granting

  19. Jack “???” G says:


  20. Rapp Relevant says:

    Like as if having your last name on a Vegas hotel wasn’t enough or simply
    by having your family carry on with it, you rather attempt to immortalize
    your last name by becoming President.