Ahmed Mohamed talks about being arrested at Irving school over clock

Ahmed Mohamed talks about being arrested at Irving school over clock

A 14-year-old North Texas boy will not face charges after he was suspended over a homemade clock that teachers, administrators and police found suspicious.

Ahmed Mohamed, who is Muslim, was arrested at MacArthur High School in Irving on Monday afternoon.

He said he enjoys tinkering with electronics and took the clock to school to show his engineering teacher. But an alarm on the clock went off in English class and his teacher confiscated it.

“I told them it’s a clock. And they told me, ‘Why would you bring a clock to school?’ And I was like to tell time. And the officer said, ‘There’s clocks here, clocks here, clocks around you everywhere.’ And I told him that I wanted to impress my teachers so that I could feel appreciated for it, but instead I got the police called on me,” he said.

Police searched his belongings and removed him from school in handcuffs.

Irving Police Chief Larry Boyd said Mohamed originally was not very forthcoming and the school was concerned that the device was possibly the infrastructure for a bomb. Officers acted in an abundance of caution.

“It was a very suspicious device. We live in an age where you can’t take things like that to school. Of course we’ve seen across our country horrific things happen. We have to err on the side of caution,” Boyd said.

In the state of Texas a person can be found guilty of possessing a hoax bomb if the device is intended to bring fear. But, police no longer believe Mohamed’s device is dangerous and he will not be charged.

“We found no evidence to support the perception that he intended to create alarm,” Boyd said.

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15 Responses

  1. twistedtimeinlife says:

    He new better his parents new better and they clearly are taking advantage
    of situating that looks to be done to get the attention . This is why
    Americans don’t trust Muslims or Islamic people

  2. Ibrahim Alanisi says:

    Stay strong

  3. rodrigo albergaria says:

    This kid deserves a medal.

  4. tube734 says:

    what a dumb stupid teacher..should be fired…

  5. Bill Chapman says:

    Keep your head up Kid! Your bravery will inspire other young inventors.

  6. Abu Naser says:

    For this to happen You only needed an incompetent teacher, principle and
    police officer

  7. G4M1NG_R4PT0R says:


  8. Bill Chapman says:

    Any School should be happy to have this brave young man

  9. tomi adewale says:

    This is his parents letting him talk,instead of a lawyer or representative.
    He’s a child off course he’s excited about the attention.he experienced
    something traumatic but he’s able to smile because he’s receiving support.

  10. annaisiomaful says:

    this is so stupid how can they treat this lil boy like that

  11. Aditya Krishna says:

    Oh this is a sad time to live in

  12. SoScary says:

    So the kid brought a fake bomb to school. Then whines about being arrested
    for causing alarm and threat. Turns it into a discrimination or “racist”
    issue. This is retarded.