AIB : Save The Internet

AIB : Save The Internet

Log onto to email to TRAI and spread the message by sharing this video

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19 Responses

  1. Lynne Haywood says:

    Is this why email not working?

  2. Mandar Rane says:

    there are many serious issues to discuss than this shit….

  3. Deepesh Jain says:

    Guys great job 1 million less than two days….it’s shows your popularity

  4. Amit Gupta says:

    let’s do backchodi..

  5. sreenivasulu vinjamarla says:

    i did it, thanks

  6. Utkarsh Patankar says:

    Thank you AIB for the info! You guys are fantastic.

  7. Sushil Chauhan says:

    The government is in favour of ‪#‎NetNeutrality‬, and a free Internet. TRAI
    is a statutory body, and the Telecom Ministry disagrees with TRAI’s stand

  8. ny007ny says:

    Save the internet for #India !!!!
    We all deserve an unchained internet!!!!
    #neutrality #law #money #important 

  9. kalyancherry says:


  10. Aarti Chand says:

    Save The Internet #NetNeutralityIndia

  11. anuragnaidu88 says:

    Great message, thank you AIB,
    John Oliver reference…. 

  12. varun gupta says:

    Awesome video … guys you rock it………..

  13. Ashutosh lakra says:


  14. Amit Shewale says:

    nice initiative by AIB…

  15. Sumit Warvatkar says:

    Lets us UR shitty comments. We are expert in.FOR SOME SERIOS ISSUES # SAVE


    #AIB no gaali no mazza :'( in your videos!!

  17. Johannesburg Singh says:

    WOW tanmay on newshour……………
    well done guys!! :)

  18. Yuvaraj Tl says:


  19. Erick Pincay says:

    Which countries have this problem?