Aida and Majeeda: Thoughts from the Azraq Refugee Camp

Aida and Majeeda: Thoughts from the Azraq Refugee Camp

In which John visits the Azraq refugee camp in northern Jordan and shares the experiences of two young Syrian sisters, 10-year-old Aida and 12-year-old Majeeda, who arrived at the camp that morning with their family. In the coming weeks, I’ll share more stories from Syrian refugees living in Jordan, and delve deeper into UNHCR’s work in Jordan.

Thanks to Rosianna Halse Rojas ( for her help with this video and the trip and everything else, and also to Howaida Abdoulahad for interpreting help once I got back home.

Please join me in signing on to this letter asking world leaders to prioritize nutrition funding and economic opportunities for girls and women worldwide:

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20 Responses

  1. noel stoehr says:

    Idea to help the refugees: since they all want to get an education, donate
    books to them so they can read and learn. Anyone else think this is a good

  2. Raymond Tang says:

    63 youtube accounts belong to bad people

  3. ligoner412 says:

    yeah, no (or very few) ignorant comments on a video about refugees. I dare
    say you!d only see this on a vlogbrothers video or other that attracs a lot
    of nerdfighters.

  4. Puppy spammer says:


  5. splicegrrl says:

    Thank you. Those are the words on the tip of my tongue after watching this.
    Thank you for seeing the world and other people the way you do. Thank you
    for asking hard questions and not shying away from the impossible answers.
    Thank you for your curiosity, your compassion, your sensitivity, your
    listening. Thank you for sharing this with me. I plan to watch again
    (several times, probably) and share it widely. I plan to act.

  6. Daryn Lenahan says:

    i really want to send this video to all of the kids at my high school and
    the middle school who call school and learning ‘torture’ and ‘against civil
    rights.’ being educated is such a privilege that i feel like so many of us
    take for granted.

  7. tardisfloyd says:

    Can John speak Arabic?

  8. Matt Valcarcel says:

    John, thank you for sharing your experiences with us. I think it’s
    important for as many people as possible to know the struggle and the
    turmoil that these people face every day, as well as the richness of their

  9. leandro Krauz says:

    What’s that thing about punished or no punished?

  10. ishmael arc says:

    pause, cry, resume video

  11. catterpower says:

    DON’T PUNISH JOHN! this video means too much to cause punishment!

  12. Konnie Stormont says:

    This is very inspiring thank you

  13. 〈-thatguyoverthere says:

    I can’t imagine what it must be like to be a teacher in Syria. Knowing that
    these students value education so highly, knowing that they are attending
    your classes at such a great cost, knowing that they are hanging on your
    every word, how would you even begin to meet their expectations?

  14. merdab8 says:

    Thank you. After scrolling through and watching all of the fluff among my
    subscriptions, it really means the world to me that I can look forward to
    meaningful videos like this one.

  15. S. McLean says:

    How could anyone dislike this video! This was, undeniable, one of the most
    thought provoking things that I have seen all year. I lay in my room
    surrounded by novels and textbook, and I have access to a world of
    information at my fingertips, yet I take it all for granted. I perceive
    school as a burden rather than a privilege. Thank you, John for this
    meaningful video. May God bless all the refugees around the world.

  16. Leslie Rae says:

    This is one of the most amazing and profound vlogbrothers videos. I’m kind
    of speechless. I’m too filled with thoughts and feelings.

  17. Gabe Reich says:

    Oh damn; I’m crying.

  18. Hyper EDM says:

    I cried all thorough this thing.

  19. EaZee says:

    Why would he be punished for this video?

  20. amaan jan says:

    Mannnn thank you for this video.