Airline Passenger Brutalized And Dragged Off Plane (VIDEO)

Airline Passenger Brutalized And Dragged Off Plane (VIDEO)

A doctor was forcibly removed from a United flight for not giving up the seat that he paid for. Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“A common overbooking problem on a United Airlines flight on Sunday ended with a man being bloodied and dragged from his seat and an already troubled airline earning more bad press. How did it all go so wrong?

Overbooking on flights happens all the time. Empty seats cost airlines money, so they offset the number of passengers who miss flights by selling too many tickets.
In this case, the problem arose because United decided at the last minute to fly four members of staff to a connection point and needed to bump four passengers to make way for them.

When there’s an overbooking issue the first step is to offer an inducement to the passengers to take a later flight. On Sunday passengers were offered $400 (£322), a hotel room for the night, and a flight the following afternoon.

When no one took the offer, the amount was upped to $800. Still no one bit, so a manager boarded the flight and informed passengers that four people would be selected to leave the flight.

That selection is based on several factors, but frequent fliers and higher fare-paying passengers are given priority to stay aboard, a spokeswoman for United confirmed.”

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Hosts: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola

Cast: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola


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20 Responses

  1. Tantrum says:

    This boi is about to be rich.

  2. Armando G says:

    United Airlines is so wrong here. This Asian Medical Doctor was forcibly dragged off their plane after he refused to give up his booked and paid for seat because United Airlines overbooked the seating. Hopefully this MD will sue United Airlines for damages and pain and suffering big time!

    If United Airlines treats its customers this way they should be out of business sooner rather than later. I will never fly United Airlines ever.

    Why does the United Airlines boarding staff not fill the plane after they have checked their seating availability instead of loading first and thinking and acting later?

    Some of the dumbest United Airlines crew I have ever seen

  3. donato rodriguize says:

    glad I did not invest in United stock

  4. acelegend12378 says:

    Don’t scroll down, just racist trolls who have nothing better to do but post vulgar comments. SAD!

  5. ValisGames says:

    Hey guys wanna hear about the Swedish attack? go watch something else…I’m sure they will cover it but bitching incessantly in the comments won’t make it happen sooner.

  6. Bexx36 says:

    still don’t think police brutality exist?

  7. plasticbutler says:

    Give up my seat?!?
    Surely you can’t be serious?

  8. StanDaMan says:

    This just shows the reality of the post-Reagan United States of Oligarchs, where the consumer has no rights,… none, ever… and the business oligarchs (who own and run this country) do whatever the hell they want.

  9. aichaudh says:

    NO NO NO NO NO! This was NOT an OVERBOOKING PROBLEM! This was a LOGISTICS problem. United needed to move four of their employees and they decided that the EASIEST way to solve their LOGISTICS problem was to put them on this FULL flight by removing four CUSTOMERS. When the CUSTOMER didn’t want to help United with their LOGISTICS problem, United called in LAW ENFORCEMENT. Since WHEN is it law enforcement job to solve corporations LOGISTICS problems?!!!

  10. PsychoticusRex says:

    No one leaves the damn plane, no one comes to his aid, burn the planes and hunt the execs through the streets for sport.

  11. dcaseng says:

    The most important message in this video comes at 4:00.
    John is absolutely right about how this represents the out of control authority given to corporations in America. They can basically do whatever they want, even to the extent of violating people using brutal, physical force.
    If you are an inconvenience, they have the authority to crush you with the help of government agents. We have to stop giving corporations absolute power.
    I guarantee if that passenger fought back he would be charged with terrorism.

  12. dipojones says:

    Symptoms of a country in total decay. The other passengers should have walked off the plane, and demanded a refund.

  13. zeropointpower says:

    Screw United, BOYCOTTED.

  14. dahouseis says:

    he was 69 years old. i don t think they would have brutalized a 69 year old white medical doctor.

  15. Din MS says:

    We are killing each other and not even realising it. What is happening to us? Are we under some kind of mind control? Who is doing this to us?

  16. Dark One says:

    America is just a fucked up country. When will people understand

  17. Art Koslinski says:

    “Nobody can create a worse PR situation than Pepsi just did!”
    United: “Hold my beer”

  18. Duncan Carr says:

    *United Airlines* 2017 Statement of Accounts

    eject customer +$800 🙂
    watch stockprice plummet -$1billion 🙁

  19. biteeemeee101 says:

    who is the real terrorist?

  20. BeeFriendlyApiary says:

    Not a single other person got up and did something to help this poor dude…”United” my ass!!!! This country is nothing more than a bunch of selfish individuals!!!!

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