Akio Toyoda introduces Toyota’s “Mirai” Fuel Cell Sedan

Akio Toyoda has seen the future, and it’s called “Mirai”. That’s the name of Toyota’s new fuel cell vehicle, which the company’s president announced in a video released the day before the car’s official launch.

More information: http://newsroom.toyota.co.jp/en/detail/4196421/

Toyota Global Newsroom: http://newsroom.toyota.co.jp/
Toyota Global website: http://www.toyota-global.com/
Toyota Motor Corporation on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ToyotaMotorCorp/

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17 Responses

  1. Kenny Clark says:

    Suck on my exhaust! With this car, absolutely!

  2. Toyota Sulland Hamar says:

    Fremtiden er nær :)

  3. Zeno Effect says:

    Cool! But they JUST HAD TO MAKE IT UGLY AS SIN!!!!

    Has the Tesla Model S taught them nothing? You can make
    a good-looking economy/alternative fuel car you know..

  4. Jérôme Chesnot says:

    La Toyota FCV propulsée à l’hydrogène sortira en 2016 aux Etats-Unis et a
    désormais un nom : Mirai (futur en japonais). Il faudra débourser $69.000
    pour en profiter.

    #environnement #voiture 

  5. Leonaristo says:

    At 2:01, see the word “SHELL” above the word “Hydrogen” on the filling
    stand. Hope this is a “hint” showing the current fuel company can and will
    participate to install hydrogen filling stations or simply incorporating to
    their current fuel stations in the near future. Then, we can have some
    really convenient to use and affordable hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles to buy
    and use. Hope this dream comes true. Keep-up your hard work Toyota!

  6. Jensen Lars says:

    Toyota ist bereits in der “Mirai” angekommen, wo bleiben die Hersteller,
    welche vor 14 Jahren über den Hybrid gespottet haben?

  7. Scott Brownlee says:

    Quite a moment. I can clearly remember the day we launched Prius. This
    future stuff comes quickly.

  8. Damian Tharcisius says:

    This is inspiring:
    Hands down, Japanese engineering is the best.

  9. I Voltec says:

    Fuel Cell. In other words Big oil. NO THANK YOU!!

  10. Lance Winslow says:

    Bring on the #fuelcellvehicle #TeamToyota continue the research,
    excellent work,

  11. Nils Herrmann says:

    Wahnisnn! Absolut genial. Die Zukunft des Automobilbaus. 

  12. tetsugal says:

    I don’t like Fuel Cell cars very much. They are less efficient than pure
    electric cars and more importantly, you cannot generate hydrogen at home.
    The future is about decentralization, is about to adapt the internet model
    to everything and hydrogen won’t be democratic enough for a long time.
    Nowadays 95% of hydrogen comes from fossil fuel sources, so it continues to
    give the big corporations the upper hand.

  13. Shibili Fasul says:

    #Toyota introduces #Mirai #fuelcell vehicle, which runs on #hydrogen and
    can run up to 300 miles on a single tank. Hope they also will introduce
    the #Tesla car buying experience. 

  14. Behzad Abdollahi says:

    but why so ugly?!

  15. William L. Weaver says:

    *Welcome to the Future*

    Toyota announces its “Mirai” Hydrogen-powered Fuel Cell automobile

    #Hydrogen #FuelCell 

  16. tipoomaster says:

    Front looks great. Back looks fugly. 

  17. Алекс нонейм says:

    Молодцы Toyota! Это основная технология будущего автомобиля, так как
    производство и утилизация аккумуляторов убивает экологию.