Alex Jones Of ‘Infowars,’ Conspiracy Theories, And Trump Campaign (Full) | Megyn Kelly | NBC News

Alex Jones Of ‘Infowars,’ Conspiracy Theories, And Trump Campaign (Full) | Megyn Kelly | NBC News

Megyn Kelly reports on the incendiary conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and “InfoWars.”
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Alex Jones Of ‘Infowars,’ Conspiracy Theories, And Trump Campaign (Full) | Megyn Kelly | NBC News

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20 Responses

  1. Glenn Zarmanov says:

    Alex Jones for the win!

  2. Jerry Rides Ligers says:

    NBC is fake news the real truth is on Info Wars and Mark Dice channel

  3. RGiant says:

    Quit lying for god sake. You keep cutting up the clips to make him look bad.

  4. Le Pen says:

    This is a hit peice, not an interview.

  5. Big Jerry says:

    God bless Infowars

  6. JamesJamal98 says:

    NBC is faker than CNN!

  7. Into the beyond says:

    To put it simply, Alex covers stories others will not. Many of us listened to Alex Jones years ago and he was the first one talking about BPA, GMO’s, FLOURIDE, THIMEROSAL, FAKE WARS, TOO MANY OTHER ISSUES TO NAME HERE – when other journalists wouldn’t touch it because they were too busy writing what they were told to write. In-fact people thought you were wearing a tinfoil hat if you ever mentioned these things, today all this information is mainstream and subjects of law and policy. There is a reason people listen to Alex; they want to decide for themselves what to believe. You can make it all about Sandy Hook but really its more than that, its about freedom of information and letting the end user think for themselves. No one believes everything in the newspaper.

  8. R Navs says:

    Kelly before the interview said this would not be a hit piece. This interview is the definition of a hit piece.

  9. Robert A says:

    1. Alex Jones was proven right about NSA hacking before Snowden revealed it.
    2. Alex Jones was proven right about Saudi Arabia being involved in 911 when the 28 pages were released.
    3. Alex Jones was proven right about the elite being into Satanism when the spirit cooking emails were released by WikiLeaks
    4. Alex Jones was proven right about Hilary collapsing and being in bad health before footage emerged of her collapsing. 
    5. Alex Jones was proven right about bohemian grove being an occult ritual party after he snuck in there and got footage of it.

  10. John Dough says:

    Without Alex Jones, this video of megyns would have 5,000 views.

  11. Connor Slump says:

    She’s a disgusting lying pig

  12. Cheap Squid says:

    Hit hit hit. Tried it on Putin: FAIL. Tried it on Alex Jones: FAIL. Go away Megyn. Take your millions, live a happy life, start a cooking show. It’s OVER sweetheart. Nobody’s buying your MSM CRAP anymore!

  13. Jayz Gucci says:

    #PizzaGate is Real

  14. Ryan Young says:

    Wtf I love Alex Jones now

  15. Whuddayatalkinabeet ? says:

    N othing
    B ut
    C rap

  16. yayayaokoksure says:

    This actually just makes me question Sandy Hook all over again.

  17. LIKED says:

    I’ve been listening to Alex Jones since 2005. Alex Jones has done some incredible work. Alex just questions everything…if something doesn’t ad up he talks about it and some people just can’t comprehend that level of thinking.

  18. Big_T_1987 Travis says:

    Alex Jones has more viewers then NBC!! LOL

  19. arkfreebird says:

    Here is your “RED PILL” Google David wheeler Sandy hoax ! Or if you can’t handle THE TRUTH stick you fingers back in your ears and close your eyes and run away forgetting the name David Wheeler was ever mentioned.

  20. Lord Kek says:

    Megyn Kelly got rekt!

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