Alexander Skarsgard’s Insane Diet To Get Jacked As Tarzan – CONAN on TBS

Alexander Skarsgard’s Insane Diet To Get Jacked As Tarzan – CONAN on TBS

To be the real King of the Jungle, Alexander’s life revolved around eating tons of bland, flavorless protein.

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20 Responses

  1. Ivan Chung (ivanch1512) says:

    Orange Mocha frappuccino!!!!!

  2. TheGuyisHigh says:

    They forgot to mention steroids in that diet.

  3. Michelle K says:

    I have a feeling that the movie is going to be a true disappointment…

  4. domydishes says:

    that diet being some syringes up the ass with the good stuff

  5. Vlaka says:

    Ancient Greeks didn’t need diets or supplements and they were jacked
    But I guess this feeble male needed all the help he could get.

  6. Jose Veijanen says:


  7. Gianni Stella says:

    I love that Skarsgard guy!

  8. Bella Alice Swan Cullen says:

    *** SPOILERS ***
    In the comments below
    (or above, but you seen those already…)
    *** SPOILERS ***

  9. matttnathan says:

    And i’m here watching this while eating Mcdonalds

  10. siccore says:

    every actor who talks about getting in shape says the same because this is
    the way to go.

  11. MCShvabo says:

    He is not Jacked, just ripped

  12. Josh Hamilton says:

    Am I the only one wondering where the Crossfit gym is in the middle of that

  13. Ryan Davidson says:

    Those thighs thou!

  14. Max Martini says:

    9 months is nothing… it’s the life of every bodybuilder and/or fitness
    obsessed… I’m doing this for the last 5 months and it works. Chicken,
    vegetables and sweet potatos, 3 times a day, 7 days a week, going to the
    gym 5 days a week too… lost almost 10 Kg and currently at around 13% body
    fat. Haters can say it’s roids because they’re just lazy and don’t want to
    get up and go to a gym. It all come down to dedication and being
    consequent, watching your meals and going to the gym day after day after
    day. At some point it becomes a habit and you lose your taste, so you don’t
    want to shoot yourself in the mouth anymore instead of eating another plain
    chicken breast…

  15. yakuza01 says:

    I am sure he drank a few Orange Mocha Frappuccino’s when nobody was
    watching ;)

  16. valentin salja says:

    This guy seems like he has no brain.

  17. Jay Paul III says:

    Kinobody’s idea is Intermittent fasting but ALL these Hollywood trainers
    recommend 6 small meals a day.

  18. TheTruth Whisperer says:

    Hey Alexander, look at the camera, man!

  19. Odamir Khaulepi says:

    Yeah, I’m failing a tad at my own diet, and I understand that constant
    hunger. It’s really hard to be joyful and in shape, especially as you get
    older. As a kid, I could eat 10 pizzas for breakfast, go outside for four
    seconds, and still be super lean.

  20. wahab mab says:

    1:29 pause