Alien: Covenant – Movie Review

Alien: Covenant – Movie Review

A Prometheus sequel, an Alien prequel, and a sci-fi horror. Ridley Scott brings us the next chapter in the Prometheus saga. Here’s my review of “Alien: Covenant”!

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20 Responses

  1. Christopher Lewis says:


  2. Varinder Bhandal says:

    Damn Jeremy, I paused the good the bad and the ugly for this.

  3. Bawi Hmung says:

    I wanna bang Emma watson

  4. Stevie Rios says:

    fastest things in universe

    5. time between sliding it in and nutting in my girl
    4. speed of sound
    3. usain bolt
    2. light
    1. me tapping the new Jeremy movie review notification and then smashing that fuckin like button

  5. Varinder Bhandal says:

    My top 3 favourite Ridley Scott movies:

    1.Blade Runner

  6. André Filipe says:

    I need watch prometheus before I watch alien covenant?

  7. King-Of-Nightcore-VEVO says:

    Alien is a great horror flick.
    Aliens is a great action-suspense flick.
    Alien 3 Assembly Cut is decent.
    Alien Resurrection is a good popcorn flick.
    AVP is a good time no alcohol required.
    AVP Requiem is dog shit.
    Prometheus is a great horror-sci-fi-suspense flick.
    Predator is a awesome action flick.
    Predator 2 is a good time no alcohol required.
    Predators is a meh flick.
    Alien Covenant……. We’ll see!!

  8. Matt Crane says:

    Alien = A
    Aliens = A+
    Prometheus = A

  9. Dylan Ciraulo says:

    I’m Marry Poppins y’all !!

  10. Garrick Groover says:

    Did Jeremy grow up with Alien?

  11. Dormammu says:

    Standard logic of character in Alien film:
    What’s this an egg opening? I better put my face *RIGHT OVER IT*

  12. KillingTheJoke says:

    It’s a *presequel* movie

  13. Prime Gaming says:

    Well Ridley did confirm this film is the first of three ( or two) additional prequels to Alien. So the next one will most likely have more Aliens. This is why I like story building

  14. Oscar Johnson says:

    Will you be doing a spoiler talk on Alien Covenant Jeremy?

  15. Nigerian Prince says:

    Jeremy the type of nigga to see a bruised apple at the grocery store and whisper “who did this to you?”

  16. ThumbdownMan says:

    chris stuckmann is so much a better reviewer.

  17. Jose Rodriguez says:

    John Carpenter’s The Thing is by far my favorite SCI FI thriller Horror. Hands down.

  18. Hoerkelis says:

    Why are they using a gay couple for colonization?

  19. irina1296 says:

    This movie is great. Ridley could not add all the action & horror as he works on the 3rd movie from this trilogy of prequels. I’m sure, we will see more xenomorphs in the 3rd film.
    My favorite Sci-Fi / Horror films are: the Alien trilogy (yes, I adore Alien 3 too), Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978), The Brood, The Thing (1982), Event Horizon, The Relic, Mimic, Signs, Scanners, Fire In the Sky, Deep Star Six, Leviathan, The Hidden, Cube.

  20. Ellen79 says:

    This franchise is a masterpiece

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