All Stars 4 Episode 4: Fashion Photo RuView 556 “Swerves & Curves”

All Stars 4 Episode 4: Fashion Photo RuView 556 “Swerves & Curves”

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RuPaul’s DragCon LA, May 24, 25, 26!

From World of Wonder, the producers of The Eyes of Tammy Faye, Party Monster, The Strange History of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, The Last Beekeeper, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Life With La Toya, and Million Dollar Listing.

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109 Responses

  1. BT Queen says:

    When I was this early Alyssa was still Miss America

  2. Christian Brown says:

    I love Rasia, I really do! Butttttttttttt anyone miss Our Lesbian Roommate Aunts together??

  3. Eduardo Perez says:

    Last time I was this early, Raven was still a host.

    Edit: Still love Asia though.

  4. Troy and Chase says:

    Naomi’s runways are always “serving” it ?

  5. JakeyonceTV says:

    I loved monet’s look… but I miss when a shoot was something sacred lmao 4:50

    • DaOneWithTheHair ! says:

      Sorry disgusting pedo

    • MendeZ says:

      Some of you mad at jake yet when a video oh him pops up you click on it hehe. I didnt like him at first but now i do,especialy sinse he does the live vewing lol.

    • Ethan F. says:

      Manila’s Silver look was a WORTHY shoot. Same with Trinity’s Swerves and Curves.

    • Jennifer Alexandra says:

      Bitch has back rolls bigger than her ass lol

    • NeonNyanCatInc says:

      Luka Drazenovic Since you feel the need to tell everyone that just because it wasn’t a shoot for them doesn’t mean it wasn’t for everyone, let’s turn it on you. Just because it was a shoot for you, doesn’t mean it was for everyone else. If you get pressed about it, then you’re a hypocrite and everything you’ve said is completely invalid. You’re out here calling people dumbasses when you look like a complete & utter fool? Not stunning.

  6. Florence Flowers says:


  7. Kenz G says:

    Can we have RAJA and VIOLET just one time! please!

  8. Jordan Miles says:

    Raja seems so bored and over it ?

  9. Darnelly Daniels says:

    Eithier have raven or just put Nina and Vanjie on Ruview team!
    Speaking of which Nina would have Owned this Runway !
    Giving 2 seater sofa Ikea REALNESS
    Iconic queen Inspiring challenges ???

    • Edu D says:

      Aquaria is coming, they recorded it already

    • MJM says:

      +chargestone96 Nah, I would prefer having Raven over the Raja now – Asia and Raven keep it professional, opposite to Raja, who is just playing favourites. Did she again was payed by WOW Presents to make some queens happen? Like they once again try people to be prepared for that top 2 we are getting. But nothing that will be said here will change my mind about how bad Monet’s looks usually look. No matter how many Shoots or Toots she gets here.

    • Milo Sherwood says:

      John Ricc Evas lo

    • Jake From State Farm says:

      Brandon Frey Girl what?? They aren’t even participating in the same season atm…

    • 2Clarence47 says:

      Darnelly Daniels I was thinking the same thing! Nina would of excelled at this challenge.

  10. Wesley Sales says:

    RAJA is giving me nanny realness … The outfit is giving me Mary Poppins the face is giving me A NIGHT OF A THOUSAND SLAPS

  11. Dude GG says:

    No shade but they look bored

    • gabriel guevara says:

      I like asias comments but I don’t like her energy

    • R. B. says:

      April P Raja is a little annoyed by Asia and who isn’t? Asia is chatty to the point of repeating herself and her voice can be piercing at times.

    • jhubeJELLO says:

      Raja hasn’t felt it all season

    • Smokey Quartz says:

      They film several of these all in one day so of course by the fourth outfit change they may lose enthusiasm. Shut up you ungrateful twat

    • Screwed up mess says:

      They should just give this show to violet and Katy’s cause they killed it when they did it
      the couple episodes they did it was the most entertaining I had watching FPRu in a long time

  12. Devin Churchill says:

    Monet’s was a copied look.. creative, yes. Genius? no

    • fasf fasg says:

      +AleksanderVolk It doesn’t but they just can’t be shoot because it is definitely not a gagging look and not creative either. Valentina at least left her comfort zone so some merit for that. I do think she should just have looked perfect as usual instead and mopped the floor with the others.

    • Undres S7 says:

      Past seasons have had shit like that. There was no rule against it. Drag is pop culture ???

    • Dee Dee says:

      Trinity’s Boot look was a copy also

    • steve garcia says:

      Rowley Osoti everyone is stating it y’all are arguing it. And shangela didn’t pull it off it was the same shit. Stop defending it.

    • Sherrie Bush says:

      ahs same thing I said.

  13. OHhhh Honeyyy says:


  14. Misfit from toy island. says:

    Again….the theme can’t be the trend. Lol stop it

  15. Darnelly Daniels says:

    Trinity did that hairstyle ROIGHT!
    And we’ve seen others do it like alaska and even Cynthia etc. And I mean ? ….
    The colour and texture were spot on I would give a shoot to the whole look too ???

  16. RuPaul says:

    Nina’Bonina Brown would have slayed this category?

    • RuPaul says:

      OHhhh Honeyyy edited honnneeey

    • A C says:

      Yes! Nina said on her Instagram that she thinks this runway category was inspired by her. Which I totally believe and Ru should’ve given Nina credit where credit is due. Just my humble opinion ?

    • MJM says:

      +A C well they paired it with court challenge – maybe it did have meaning behind – to reference “sue me”

    • IceIceTina says:

      She said that in her recent review of this episode, she said they were inspired by her if anything?

    • Venus VonTrappe says:

      3 couches would have been sacrificed for her lookand they would have to extend the runway to handle the curves and swerves

  17. Xzamilloh says:

    Even Monique’s fellow queens are tired of Brown Cow Stunning.

    • Kiko says:

      When you wake up in the morning… ??

    • christy lemon says:

      And tired of seeing asia in photo ruview

    • trane07 says:

      +logoutyaphone black queens CANNOT catch a damn break. They simply can’t. What they get ragged on for, the next bitch will be praised for. It happens all the fucking time.

    • ENRIQUE says:

      trane07 exactly, no one gets mad at Tricke for always wearing pink and gingham and big blonde hair, but when a black queen wears her favorite print more than once it’s tacky and annoying

    • Kirin 88 says:

      Brown Cow Annoying!! And I love Monique but Gurl…shut the fuck up and change the gig, you’re spontaneously funny, you don’t even have to try to make us laugh with something new.

  18. loganre says:

    Trinity’s lewk is giving me ENDOPLASMIC RETICULUM REALNESS

  19. sibilation says:

    These two have no chemistry together.

    • NextLevel Journey says:

      sibilation RAVEN is w Rupaul in UK – creating Drag Race UK right now- so I’m ok with that !

    • Just Honest says:

      Kids, this comment exchange has been brought to you by “strawman argument”: giving the impression of refuting an opponent’s argument (“Raja and Asia have no chemistry”), while actually refuting an argument that was not presented by that opponent (“Raven should be in this episode of Fashion Photo RuView”). ?? #educational

    • ahs says:

      +NextLevel Journey they’re filming drag race uk?? I thought they where still casting

    • Luc Praslan says:

      Raja’s body language crossing her arms shows how uninterested she is with Asia. Asia can’t banter.

    • fredo Fred says:

      It shows

  20. Matthew Martini says:

    Monet got a shoot for that mess? Ok fashion photo ruview is cancelled ??

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