ALL TIER 100 SKINS CAPTURED?! – A Fortnite Short Film

ALL TIER 100 SKINS CAPTURED?! – A Fortnite Short Film




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Additional voices by:
• Ryan Stewart –
• Jessica Rainville –
• Adam Odeh –

Fate steps in to Carbides house and asks him whether or not the new Tomatos she brought in. Carbide is a happy Tomato Farmer. The Tier 100 that Fate brought Carbide was very pleasing to him. Carbide is a big fan of the tier 100 Tomatoes. Though, this gift does not fully satisfy Carbide. Carbide refuses to release Fate this quickly. First, he needs his little farm hand to gather all the Tier 100 Tomatoes, all of them. Carbide needs all the Tier 100 Tomatoes. Also, Fate needs to sell some posters on the way, sales are down this quarter!

Highland Warrior approaches Black Knight and asks what’s wrong? Black Knight is sad. Luckily, Squire is here as well! Highland Warrior and Squire flirt a bit before Black Knight interrupts and informs his friends of how nobody takes him seriously. He may be Black Knight, but that doesnt mean he doesn’t have feelings! The Vikings always pick on him, the news makes fun of him, Black Knight needs to catch a break! Perhaps, Highland Warrior, Black Knight, and Squire should take care of this viking problem once and for all.

Will Fate be able to gather all of the Tier 100’s for Carbide? Will all of the Tier 100 Tomatoes satisfy Carbide, or will he want more? Will the Knights be able to take down the Vikings? Will Black Knight finally receive the respect that he deserves? Watch this episode to find out!

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66 Responses

  1. Best ninja says:


  2. CR7 legand says:

    G-O-O-D T-O-M-A-T-O-S- D-O-N-T T-A-L-K

  3. Kieran Ducker says:

    Pls can raptor read this he’s my favroiut

  4. Quinn Hickling says:

    Does anybody think racheal5 needs to start her own channel?

  5. Jinflared says:

    if you had the oppurtunity to save one tier 100, who would u save?

    Black Knight (Season 2)
    John Wick (Season 3)
    Omegi (Season 4)
    Ragnarok (Season 5)

  6. Erin Valentin says:

    I love it when they say Good Tomatoes Don’t Talk??❌

  7. JaiRude says:

    I love Rachel 5 reading the comments now it’s funny ?

  8. Gian SnD says:

    Now Racheal 5 is going to bully all the tier 100. Bet

  9. Allen the NoOb says:

    Black knight tier 100? Wasn’t he tier 70?


    I teir 100 tomatoe

  11. Mine Monster says:

    Lol Sponsoring the posters

  12. David Oboyle says:

  13. zacquey dun says:

    This episode is amazing!?????????

  14. Eden Breust says:

    Hey Rachael5 how are u today

  15. NSan says:

    6 ads and this is #2 on trending, COME ON YOUTUBE!

  16. David says:

    Why is this trending?

  17. Rybred - Edits & Gameplay says:

    why is this number 2 on trending? what the hell lmfao

  18. DankFlab • says:

    Why do people watch these? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything more cancerous

  19. NBAJAIBOI says:

    What drunk person made this trending

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