Allison’s Bachelorette Audition

Allison’s Bachelorette Audition

Help Allison find the love of her life on national TV.


Directed+Shot by Geoff Plitt (
Sound – Cody Marion
AC – Matt Renoir
Edited by Mathew Roscoe

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20 Responses

  1. iilikecereal says:

    +iilikecereal holy shit they are

  2. Elliot Thorne says:

    world’s tallest kitchen benches?

  3. René Fontaine says:

    It’s the Jew-enes. Get it? Jew genes? They’re Jewish. Bye.

  4. genaxide says:

    There was a camel toe somewhere in this video… Good luck finding it! :D

  5. Justine Yambao says:

    Allison! You looked like Robin from How I met Your Mother when you were wet
    from the shower

  6. Sam Soren says:

    I didn’t see the reply count to your post when I clicked “View all
    replies”… big mistake…

  7. Carlton W. Terry says:

    I love wet bangs. Allison you are too much. boating!!!!!! X.X

  8. May Camille says:

    Ah!! I’m actually 100% serious, Allison needs to audition for one of the
    girls on the bachelor. Please! I need to see that! No harm in trying?

  9. paulnikon says:

    I <3 Allison. Wet bangs and all.

  10. Apoorva Patwardhan says:

    Allison is so Damn beautiful…. Her skin looks flawless….!!!???? +Just
    Between Us 

  11. SEnuri Jayawardena says:

    OMG…this is sooo funny…???? and I love Gabby…??

  12. Daiyan Salam says:

    Allison looks a lot like Dakota Johnson

  13. sapirgay says:


  14. kirby ortega says:


  15. Cjim77 says:

    You’re soo of cute w/o the bangs!

  16. Camaleão Plays says:

    Algum Br?

  17. Yasmin Leal says:

    Shes on buzzfeed lol

  18. Hannah Cruickshank says:

    This is your funniest video yet!

  19. Elsif says:

    Okay, don’t lead with mental illness. Got it.

  20. Eat Your Vegetables says:

    why is this in 60fps?