alphabet shuffle

alphabet shuffle


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20 Responses

  1. Harrs2 says:

    Amazing. Truly this is the time of gods among men.

  2. 100K de Subs Sem Vídeo says:

    I swear by my mother I’ll sign up that channel !
    You swore , now sign up !

  3. liz ;; says:

    wonderful bean

  4. Vurtax says:

    FINALLY something to replace that annoying alphabet nursery rhyme out of my
    head whenever I need to figure out what count a letter in an alphabet is
    for whatever reason.

    Thanks Bill, seriously.

  5. dreamlings says:

    i am pleased

  6. Yosh Hypermedia says:

    If I become a kindergarten teacher, this is what I’m using to introduce
    alphabets to my students.

  7. Ku - Chan says:

    What a beautiful melody and voice! Thank you for another great video!

  8. sky rocket says:

    He sang the alphabet better than Jacob sartorious

  9. Nick Molnar says:

    BILL do a history lesson i need to learn are you saying by not putting up a
    video about learning your against learning you should be ashamed we all
    need to learn TEACH US DAMMMIT

  10. Ryden Mederos says:

    this made me so happy

  11. reshiram202 says:

    you kow the comments are getting ridiculous when there are more people
    complaining about the people complaining about wanting more history videos
    than people complaining about wanting history videos.

  12. Katelyn Stewart says:

    I thoroughly enjoy your random videos, you have a real talent for making
    songs, I always enjoy hearing the cool harmonys and such in your videos –
    not to mention your nice voice. on top of that your style of video design
    is entertaining to watch! basically I love your channel never change and
    lastly (what you have probably heard a million times by now) more history
    videos? :)

  13. Sunny shine says:


  14. Gamer Goku says:

    Everyone is asking for another History video and here I am hoping for Word
    Unscramble 6. ._.

  15. DinoProductions 429TM says:

    hey can you make another monday video?

  16. maho90 says:

    i was waiting for a dark twist….

  17. Chase Carnahan says:

    This legitimately brightened my day. Thanks, bill!

  18. Paij says:

    Please do the history of x country

  19. Cynda Stuff says:

    Here come the people screaming “IT’S ZED” when zee just sounds a lot

  20. Døgewøød says:

    He should be as popular as Jacob Sartorious