AMAZING Facts About Facebook You Never Knew!-Facts in 5

AMAZING Facts About Facebook You Never Knew!-Facts in 5

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20 Responses

  1. Jason Hedges says:

    The picture on the left at 4:37 looks like Jason Statham

  2. GuardianKite says:

    pfft facebook…. you mean “fishbook” a lot of 1 like 1 prayer… comment
    amen… its so cancerous

  3. ReshicraftHD Defensor says:

    matt: im going to kill anyone who don’t like this vid
    me: ya you can’t im a sub HAHAHAHAH ….. erm

  4. Dylo Dude says:

    Im late

    Han solo is awesome

  5. Dragogun Ninja says:

    Can you make a Video about Youtube(I know that you made 10 shocking Youtube

  6. Adam Whitehouse says:

    Is it just me or is fact in 5 a pun to Jackson 5

  7. xXEverlarkXx says:

    Is he sick?

  8. EskimoGazelle says:

    I recently had a presentation about Facebook. I knew 3 out of 5 “things”


  9. Jictapus ! says:

    I knew these already :3

  10. xdarkness22x says:

    I was under the belief that facebook was mostly for older people, as anyone
    who was a young-adult or younger uses Twitter now.
    I’m actually curious now about the amount of users and activity on facebook
    vs. twitter

  11. SimonsSaysGaming says:

    I feel you’d make a pretty good hugo strange Matthew!

  12. Laurens Smit says:

    your voie in my ears while i have depression is kill urself to me and i
    mean it say’s to kill myself

  13. Asad Hafeez Yousufi says:

    Sorry not on Facebook.

  14. Niskso Joins says:


  15. Austyn Nelson says:

    i don’t use facebook

  16. Mikas Janutenas says:

    Dat ending tho!!!

  17. Morgan Powers says:

    I have so much Respect for you, You’re just an awesome guy!

  18. Jesus Torres says:

    Oh noooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to like the button in order to be alive

  19. peter lee says:

    you would make a evil lex Luther

  20. beerponglegend69 says:

    people still use facebook?