Amazing intelligent dog trick! Watch to the end! Our rosie is a star :)

Amazing intelligent dog trick! Watch to the end! Our rosie is a star 🙂

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19 Responses

  1. Michael Parkes says:

    Haters gonna hate, dnt wrry bout them mugs. Top video, dogs a flipping

  2. KlutZ sh0t says:


  3. Ashley Marshall says:

    That kind of looked set up, or it was rehearsed. but I don’t care it made
    me smile very smart doggy.

  4. 유성룡 says:

    Wow seems that dogs are gonna have bigger brains and walk erect later

  5. Scott Wilkins says:

    That was not smart, it was dumb luck. If the ball hadn’t moved in front of
    the plastic pool, the dog would have never stepped in there causing it to
    fall into the water. Dog was even afraid of the water it seems. Not one
    of the more brighter dogs I’ve ever seen.

  6. 橘田幸俊 says:


  7. Konrad Grzeczka says:

    Hehe niechcial wejść do wody

  8. Sueann Rodriguez says:

    Five words…..GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE

  9. AkibaMCRGrenias says:

    This dog won the internet!! Such smart, very clever, much vertical video…

  10. nathninetyone says:

    Honestly why would anyone give shit about how it’s been filmed? People will
    complain about anything… Cool dog by the way.

  11. MichiJustmichi says:

    YAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! You could actually see him thinking

  12. ente nivola says:

    Increíble truco de un perro inteligente. Mira el vídeo hasta el final. Ese
    perro es una estrella.

  13. Hayden Russell says:

    It’s 2015, when are people going to stop filming stuff in portrait?

  14. altokee says:

    1:03 se da vuelta

  15. nor berto says:

    These people have two pools, and a dog who thinks its a merchant marine

  16. Titiushko Jazz says:

    jejeje que inteligente y valiente

  17. Gréta Diószegi says:

    Wow,it’s cute!????

  18. MK2EA says:

    For everyone watching on their mobile or tablet the new youtube app ( on
    android not sure about ios) allows you to watch in full screen portrait!

  19. halneufmille says:

    Next task: Learn to swim.