AMAZING Japanese HOT POT Motsunabe in Fukuoka Japan

AMAZING Japanese HOT POT Motsunabe in Fukuoka Japan

The most famous food item in Fukuoka is Mostsunabe, which is basically a beef intestine hot pot. I went to what people say to be the best restaurant to get the dish.


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53 Responses

  1. BIR GORKHALI says:


  2. Kappa123 says:

    Mike > Trevor

  3. League Legos says:

    Mikey, absolutely love your content! Best food Youtuber around <3

  4. abhishek kumar says:

    Back to INDIA

  5. Emelito Monteron says:

    One of the early squads…😂🤘 anyway…mikey your adventures are at the same time amazing and making me starve

  6. Being Dope says:

    please upload more videos of hot pot I love it

  7. ATrivialMatter says:

    So early Mike hasn’t even added hot oil yet

  8. Jobin says:

    That has to be one Damm good broth for you to dump all the vegies in and love it

  9. john louie bares says:

    Wow didn’t even notice you’re almost at 1.5mil subs. Congrats man!

  10. University Ave says:

    Advice for new viewers. Always have food with you while you’re watching Strictly Dumpling’s vlog. You’ll be super hungry and disappointed at yourself if you don’t 🙂 Cheers.

  11. Siegfried Final says:



  12. LightningGmr says:

    Something about hot pots I just love 🙂 I also love korean bbq I like those I can put the foods in myself and cook them and just sit and enjoy

  13. Indira Poitier says:

    well Mikey, you’re the only person that makes me question if intestines are good… then I remember, I don’t like em. I’m glad you enjoyed your meal. I always like when you seriously enjoy a meal. thanks for the upload.

  14. Indira Poitier says:

    I’ve also noticed…. Japan always gets you to eat your veggies….. woah….

    • Miko0219 says:

      i can second this. i’ve been to japan and i ate every vegetable that was offered to me cause they taste different

    • Fat Idiot says:

      because here in asia it doesnt matter if its a veggie, an A5, or a cat. we see it as one thing, food.

  15. 0623kaboom says:

    ahh the puns couldnt stomach it .. or liver it alone … needs more of them just kidney

  16. Jodie Crofts says:

    Sooooo yummy!!!

  17. Justin Y. says:

    This food must have been made in heaven

  18. American Gooeyduck says:

    Is it even possible to get a bad meal in Japan I mean think about it even there food at a 7-Eleven is insanely delicious that’s just insane

  19. Rebekka says:

    What I LOVE about japanese food culture is its love for veggies. I cant imagine any kid hating veggies over there.

  20. Jon & Ange says:

    I think at this point we know what Mikes favorites foods are hahA


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