American Influencer Awards 2017

American Influencer Awards 2017

Join us LIVE from the Novo Theatre in Los Angeles as the American Influencer Awards honor the greatest contributors of social media, by recognizing the excellence of the top beauty influencers annually. We recognize the top talent across all social media platforms. Nominees are selected on an array of different variables, including but not limited to, creative content, engagement, growth rate, and most importantly, the ability to positively influence.

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67 Responses

  1. Rose b says:

    HOT ASS MF MESS lmaooo

  2. T Love says:

    Jaclyn doesn’t even upload anymore and she got the award, seems unfair. She won 2 awards the collab award is cool congrats but the Tutorialist award wut? She doesn’t upload.

    • abby morales says:

      That’s exactly what I thought. Girl posts once a month if that and wins the tutorial award. I died like they’re joking right? Idk I’m sure everyone in the audience was like tf?😂 I love Jaclyn hill but she in no way deserves that award.

    • Gretel Laguna says:

      T Love I was talking about the collab award specifically that one has nothing to do with uploading. The other one your right not sure why she won that one I voted for Jeffree he’s always doing tutorials.

    • Savannah Dias says:

      I know I totally think the tutorialist award should’ve gone to someone else 😭 no offense to her fans but it didn’t make any sense

    • T Love says:

      Her fans should of been fair, like dude what tutorials lol? Christine Dominique wasn’t nominated and she’s always posting tutorials….. tisk tisk.

    • Zayra TM says:

      Yes ! Unfair win! She doesn’t post tutorials at all anymore

  3. Marcella Brys says:

    Pretty unsure why there is only hate comments. Just be nice! This was awesome to see! A new awards show, highlighting the times we live in and our favorite creators. This is the future and I️ am here for it. Go get em Jaclyn Hill and CONGRATS to Manny MUA!

    • Jessica Marsh says:

      Marcella Brys Yes!! People are talking about JH not posting much on YouTube but it’s not YouTube Influencers Awards, it’s Social Influencers Awards, she posts on IG, Twitter and Snap literally ALL the time. Not just YouTube.

    • Miranda Barnett says:

      Jessica Marsh and how does hrr bitchinv on snapchat win her an award 🤔🤔 give me a break

    • AmandaMay4K says:

      Manny didn’t deserve it at all. This award show is rigged hence the hate

    • abby morales says:

      They’re bitching because she won a tutorial award and she doesn’t even post! So what does ig and Snapchat have to do with tutorials? I never seen her post a tutorial on either of those outlets. This is not to say I don’t like her because I love her but in heart I don’t feel like she deserved that award.

    • Savannah Dias says:

      Jessica Marsh the tutorialist award is specifically talking about makeup artists that post TUTORIALS on YOUTUBE lmfao someone who barely posts MAKEUP TUTORIAL VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE do not deserve that award idc what you tell me lol

  4. Lauren Yount says:

    Like most busted event ever. It seems as if nothing was planned or timed. The jokes were awful no one was even laughing. The cues were bad. They couldn’t even get a nice theatre with all the money these companies make and they have fold up chairs. I mean just awful!

  5. Alexis Medina says:

    Yo the director of this needs to get fired asap lmao

  6. Erica G says:

    This was the most CRINGY thing I’ve seen, but I couldn’t look away, it was like watching a trainwreck 😂🤣😂

  7. Nicole Kopchak says:

    “Thank you bretman rock for being born?” LMFAOO

  8. Lander Love says:

    Wooooow people are really butt hurt about this. I forgot how deep this really was. Oh wait it’s not 😂😂😂.

  9. Aurora Borealis says:

    I think I can live with everything except that performer because that was CRINGY AF! I had to skip. I also found the interviews at the beginning boring so I skipped that too😇

  10. Sarah Pyron says:

    Found myself wanting so bad for things to stop being so cringy at first, but then eventually accepting the awkwardness and hoping for more screw ups for my own entertainment lol I’m terrible

  11. Morgann Luz says:

    Those two female Interviewers were awful. Touching people’s hair, too close for comfort, interrupting when people were talking, RUDE as fuck, most likely drunk, and just overall annoying.

  12. kailee young says:

    the bitch in the hat is so drunk. i feel bad for james they cant even get their questions right lmao. bitch it was covergirl

    • meepmoopmeep1 says:

      kailee young and she acted like no one had ever even heard of Jaclyn Hill before she did Kim Ks makeup lol

    • Jennifer Tomasso says:

      meepmoopmeep1 Yes! I was like wtf Jaclyn is more than “The girl who filmed with Kim K” that video did not make her….if you’re going to have host make sure they know who they are interviewing lol

    • Sydney says:

      She kept slurring her words and sounded incredibly drunk. I hope the aia sees that.

    • x_anisaaa_x says:

      Time stamp?

    • Tarra Morgan says:

      She had no business being a correspondent… made them look like a joke. Didn’t even know any of the facts about who she was interviewing. I don’t normally like talking bad but she really annoyed me 100% I almost shut off the whole program just because it disgusted me ! She needs to stick to the salon..

  13. Trend News Channel says:

    Most awkward event, it was busted tha house. Jeffree Star should of won over Manny the Leech & Jaclyn Hill.

  14. Samantha Hart says:

    Ok yaaaa I can’t wait to see what drama channels say about this lolol

  15. Sarah Elizabeth says:

    How was Mario three rows in and mannys copper eyelid nude lip and Laura’s country bumpkin self sitting first row. 🙄🙄🙄🙄 I can’t with this show.

  16. April Villanueva says:

    How was busted the house manny and anything for views Laura lee front in center & Mario 3 rows back?! Tf

  17. Alondra Martinez says:

    Omg when they interviewed Jaclyn Hill the girl in the hat was sooooooooo rude and all up in her face.

  18. Jazmin Summersett says:

    the girl interviewing jaclyn is acting like she never did anything on her own and wasn’t huge before she collabed with kim??? she’d still be at the awards even if that never happened

  19. Grey S says:

    Patrick Starr thought it was appropriate to talk about having a dick in the award show and then start stroking the mike and licking his lips? I love Patrick Starr but the way he behaved during the show was horrific. Kandee Johnson was trying really hard to be someone she is not and was equally as annoying as Patrick. James Charles was NOT the first male model of Maybeline but of Covergirl. JACKIE AINA SLAYED PER USUAL. Patrick and Kandee tried to make everything about themselves and tried really hard to promote themselves which was just sad to watch because it wasn’t appropriate. Kim Kimble didn’t even know about this busted show and when Patrick came to accept the award he didn’t even say anything like wtf. The performer at the beginning was REALLY bad and his background music was turned down really low. Mario’s was so professional, and the moment he accepted his award was almost perfect until Patrick INTERRUPTED him once again doing too much. The second performer was ummmm….. 😳yeah. Patrick get off of the floor. Patrick how many fat jokes about yourself could you have made in one night? Jamie Kern Lima still talking about the beauty industry changing 🙄 Jacklyn Hill pretending to be fake grateful for winning was so annoying. When busted ass Manny anything for views MUA got the award over Patrick and Kandee. Patrick kept telling Jacklyn and Manny that he wants some of there money at this point I’m DYING with laughter at this train wreck. 😂🚂 This show had so many good ideas but they were soooo poorly executed I’m just sad that professionals like Guy Tang, Mario and Jackie Aina got grouped in with this busted award show.

  20. MelissaXO says:

    The girl with the hat is totally a little buzzed🙄🙄🙄

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