Americans Try Stinky Tofu For The First Time

Americans Try Stinky Tofu For The First Time

Just because it’s stinky doesn’t mean it’s not delicious.

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20 Responses

  1. yo skrrrt says:


  2. Tezra Poleman says:

    250 likes and I’ll give them $250 once I hit 1.5k!!!

  3. Dat Juan Guy says:

    Stinky Stinky like my pinkie

  4. Dare Me says:

    This is me when I try to get my friends to like kpop,I end up deeply

  5. Ethan Bradberry says:

    God I hated the guy in the intro.

  6. Faun Leong says:

    am i the only one who doesnt think stinky tofu is stinky lol

  7. Charis Stephany says:

    I LOVE stinky toufu honestly and I am not a Taiwanese :)

  8. Hailwintercap XXxXx says:

    I’m Chinese and I HATED stinky tofu. Couldn’t get over the smell and the
    after taste.

  9. Philo Hisham says:

    I’m a simple person.

    I see Sara(or sarah) and i click :)

  10. ChuLeTweet4Ever says:

    Did this remind any kpop fans of Monsta X’s Right Now? ?

  11. Haruna Sumiko says:

    I know Jackson from got7 loves this stuff haha I wonder how it tastes like

  12. Tsunayoshi Sawada says:

    I love stinky tofu. It smells good to me now

  13. MissProducer 101 says:

    We need that guy on the beginning and behind camera ???He is the real

  14. Dani S says:

    I like this variety of reaction video. Having people react to an
    unusual-to-them food while a person who is familiar with the food is there
    to answer questions is an interesting twist on the way these videos are
    usually done. Please do more of them, Buzzfeed!

  15. masterimbecile says:

    I think calling it “stinky” is a bit of a marketing failure. The name
    primes our brain to amplify the pungent smell/taste in our head before we
    even see the dish.

    I bet that if it were called “fragrant” tofu, more people would’ve liked it
    and find it not as “stinky”.

  16. Car says:

    lol his elbow fell off the table at 1:50

  17. Charissa Lim says:

    next stop durian ?

  18. Eileen Liew says:

    Every time I visit in Taiwan I must get stinky tofu. Good stuff. Also I
    love to see the face my dad makes since he hates the smell.

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  20. Bianca Deet says:

    all I can smell is wet pennies now