Americapox: The Missing Plague

Americapox: The Missing Plague

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20 Responses

  1. Cookie Man says:

    Charlie Sheen

  2. mfernow says:

    I really like the way this video has a slower pace and sticks to video
    relevant to the subject. Having time to think about whats going on and ask
    myself questions makes it easier to follow along.

  3. jonas59529 says:

    Please, please, please talk fast again!
    It makes you videos so much more entertaining.
    This one was very interesting, but not as entertaining as you usually are.

  4. Daniel Dogeanu says:

    Is it just me or you really talk differently in this video?

  5. alexzicker says:

    Syphilis is said to have originated in the Americas.

  6. Mistermaarten150 says:

    I knew this was based on Guns, Germs and Steel! I read the book and totally
    recognized the theory. You put it well into a video.

  7. Ali Zahid says:

    Thanks for talking slow ^^
    Edit: those who feel this is too slow, you do know you can speed up the
    video right?

  8. Jason Gianni Gianni says:

    I’m sorry but we learned thus in 7th grade

  9. TheeSuperEnigmas says:

    10:09 This is what I tell my friends when I constantly lose at Civ V.

  10. Jeremy Leyland says:

    Now I want to play Settlers of Catan.

  11. Konata Izumi says:

    Hey did

  12. NeMuWazn says:

    Grey, you feeling alright? The subject of this video is a lot more serious
    than the other stuff you’ve made but your tone is super

  13. AKAHimself says:

    What is with your voice in this video? Is anyone hearing him talk very slow
    or is it just me?

  14. Andrew Palim says:

    Fascinating video, but I can’t help asking why syphilis came from the new
    world if there were no cities?

  15. Skrios says:

    weren’t turkeys also domesticated in the Americas?

  16. Daniel Hess says:

    Why … are … you … talking … this … slow ?

    HATE it.

  17. Charlie Hartman says:

    you stole this all from guns germs, and steel, didn’t you?

  18. The Coffee Nut says:

    Hmmmm, so if we land on an alien planet . . . (slow maniacal laugh)

  19. Lone Wolf says:

    How about you actually link the related video instead of trying to trick
    people into subscribing.

  20. Angel Capobianco says:

    I love you, Grey. You’re one of my favourite Youtubers, and the ONLY one I
    subscribe to. I think you’re great.

    BUT I had a lot of trouble getting through this video, mate. The slower
    pace was really painful to listen to. I understand the arguments that
    non-native English speakers have an easier time understanding slower speech
    (and the fact that this is a more somber topic), but the slow pace,
    over-enunciation, and elongated pauses between words made this video really
    painful to watch. You can still have gravitas when covering a serious topic
    without making…. every….. sentence…. take…. this…. long….
    to….. be….. spoken. Part of the charm of your videos is the pacing and
    delivery, and this video lost all of that.

    These are your videos, and it’s obviously your choice stylistically to
    deliver them in any way that you see fit, but as a great lover of your
    work, I felt I had to mention this (although it’s unlikely you’ll ever even
    see it). Please pick up the pace, mate.