Amtrak Train Slams Passengers With Snow – Rhinecliff (New york)

Amtrak Train Slams Passengers With Snow – Rhinecliff (New york)

Amtrak Train Slams Passengers With Snow – Rhinecliff (New york) – Full Video (Real time and Slow motion)

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Rhinecliff, New York – Wednesday morning (15th March 2017) Amtrak train sent a wave of snow onto passengers standing on the platform.

The unassuming passengers, stood on the platform as the train arrived. Passengers Nick Colvin and Craig Oleszewski captured the incident on their camera. Oleszewski said it was Amtrak train 236 which was scheduled to arrive at 9:07 AM.

May be the train was moving faster than usual plus fresh snow from Stella resulted in a more spectacular arrival than expected.

Video Credits:
Nick Colvin ( )
Craig Oleszewski ( )

Oleszewski’s video (Last (Video 2) in this combined video) is from a farther (bit) distance.

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19 Responses

  1. players clan says:

    ту тёлку с камерой походу об столб убило.

  2. Rex B. says:

    I bet you the conductors just love doing that to ppl standing there lol

  3. abbiyoyo says:

    I wish the video was longer so I could hear that person complaining in the background. I mean, trains are snow plows by design, what did you expect was going to happen?

  4. big legacy says:

    shout out to all the retards standing there watching, ya the real mvp

  5. GlobalVortex says:

    People are so stupid. Didn’t these idiots see all the snow on the rails? Must be clueless liberals.

  6. crstothard says:

    Love the spoiled, unaware (probably staring at her phone) millennial’s outrage that physics didn’t heed her sense of entitlement to protection against unfairness!

  7. Thomas Walsh says:

    So the smart people walked away and the dumb asses just stood there. That got what they deserved. Can’t fix stupid.

  8. Andy Daily says:

    If you listen carefully you can hear the social justice warrior in its natural habitat yelling at the end because the snow “came out of no where” lol

  9. TrackMasterAsh says:

    that lady at the end got triggered by snow

  10. iGod says:

    There’s no snow in my country. That could have been me! But I’d be laughing about it, hahahaha.

  11. inlovewithi says:

    It’s getting to the point where people who just say liberal for anything
    are just straight out losers, because there entire world revolves
    around mentally black and white politics. Most people don’t care about
    politics so that obsessive losers could be simplifying everything they
    see to whether someone is liberal or conservative. And I don’t like
    Hillary, and many times over prefer Trump. But wait, I’m a liberal
    because I said something bad about people who are constantly talking
    about liberals. I mean, I’m here watching a video of these people
    getting plowed by snow, in the 90s this would have been something that
    everyone would chuckle, but now some people spend their whole entire day
    and life just browsing the internet obsessed with politics in a
    mentally black and white (not racial) simplistic mind.

  12. TheAdventureNotebook says:

    I have it in slow mo on my channel!

  13. walkingdeadusa says:

    What do you call a train loaded with bubble gum?
    A chew-chew train

  14. Xena Synzere says:

    I just want to know how nobody standing there knew that’s what was gonna happen

  15. Meow Meow says:

    0:50 it was at this moment, that woman in the white hat knew, she fked up.

  16. John Null says:

    Looks better than that splash ride a sea world.

  17. Le0TheLionGames says:

    This video confirms at the end they did not all die

  18. trippplefive says:

    it sounded like somebody was dying at the end.

  19. TopDoggie says:

    Who heard that one lady that was mad at the end?

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