Amy Poehler and Jack Black Singing “The Rose” at Festival Supreme 2015

Amy Poehler and Jack Black Singing “The Rose” at Festival Supreme 2015

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14 Responses

  1. jembob69 says:

    Wow. Absolutely amazing, I knew she could sing but this was a whole
    different level. Much better life performance than most professional
    singers out there. Thank you so much for uploading this.

  2. Kate Pettersen says:

    Thank you so so much for posting this video!!! ♡

  3. itskatxo says:

    Thank you so so much for uploading! x

  4. Abby Cadabby says:

    This is spectacular!
    Any idea what she says at the end?

  5. Serpephone says:

    excellent song

  6. noroutehome says:

    yes! thank you so much! this brings much joy to so many fans!

  7. Jacob Ramirez says:

    Me included with this,but all the midget people complaining and jumping to
    try and see over the tall people xD. This show only needed audio though <3
    her voice was fantastic.

  8. FugiKittyCat says:

    She looks like Janice Joplin

  9. Olivia Stanchina says:

    Hi! Love your video! I’m a producer for “The Insider” and “Entertainment
    Tonight’ and am interested in possibly featuring it in on online video
    update. Can I get your permission to use it? Thanks so much in advance!

  10. Dana Senn says:

    C’MON AMY!! You can’t do this to me! This is a hole othrer level of

  11. Hoax Hunter says:

    I was there, front row. Watched Neil Hamburger’s entire act just to watch
    this front row. This was the extent of her act, just singing the rose
    that’s it. I’m not really a Neil Hamburger fan but his act was great
    compared to this. Guess she didn’t want to do anything too elaborate. She
    pulled the 2 safeties that all acts wanted to pull 1. Kill time by
    interacting with an audience member, 2. Ask Jack Black to come on stage w/
    her. Dan Harmon said he asked Jack Black to play guitar or something for
    him but he was too busy. Dan Harmon had a lot of interaction w/ the

  12. Jc Hernandez says:

    I thought it was impossible for me to love Amy any more than I already did
    but this proves I was dead wrong.

  13. gitsiemonster says:

    wow she’s good

  14. Ethan Agan says:

    Maybe its just me, but I think Conway Twitty’s version of this song will
    always be the best.