Amy Schumer Drunk-Ate Jake Gyllenhaal’s Cake

Amy Schumer Drunk-Ate Jake Gyllenhaal’s Cake

Why Jake Gyllenhaal thought it was a good idea to rent his house to Amy Schumer is anyone’s guess.

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20 Responses

  1. Travis 7822 says:


  2. Travis 7822 says:

    trying to embrace her but this wasnt funny

  3. LadiesmanBumblebee says:

    She really needs to stop eating cake.

  4. Azizjan Ayupov says:

    She going to become too fat :(((

  5. mkiingst0n says:

    I wonder if the girlfriend she’s talking about in the video is Alyssa

  6. victor martone says:

    Not even Stephen could make this interview funny. I wonder how much more
    Amy Schumer are we still gonna get shoved down our throats. the PR well had
    to dry at some point.

  7. Steven Bruce says:

    I always enjoy watching women masticate.

  8. Andrea Trevisan says:

    I only watched this because the title mentions Jake Gyllenhaal

  9. Sophie D says:

    The cake was most likely for his niece ??

  10. ferociousfrankie says:

    She looks like Miss Piggy.

  11. Michelle O says:

    0:03 we’re the same person

  12. Priscilla Bowman-Amuah says:

    it was probably for one of his nieces but whatever…

  13. Hoota Reboota says:

    There’s nothing funny about this!… people have lost the plot, blame
    Social Media… they’ve all turned into fucking Zombies. Friends are now
    texting each other while sitting next to one another WTF????????????… THE

  14. luckyjasonfan says:

    This is Super gross! lol

  15. Steve Holmgren says:

    Every dislike to an Amy video makes my heart sad.
    If you’re on the opposite side of the “Like” bar. Look more into Amy’s
    comedy. And join us in comedic brilliance that is this beautiful fat-armed
    slut I adore so much =D