Amy Schumer Gets Heckled in Stockholm

Amy Schumer Gets Heckled in Stockholm

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20 Responses

  1. David R. Fuller says:

    I doubt he steals other people’s sales.

  2. smokydave says:

    I’ve seen better responses to hecklers

  3. Hulkeq2 says:

    What I’m about to type has *nothing* to do with sexism in the least….
    Dear guy/gal who works for Amy Schumer and uploaded this video, Deinterlace
    your source video please.
    Hugs and kisses.

  4. Mark McMahon says:

    Ugly feminist cow. Steven Crowder was spot on with his impression. “I’m fat
    and I’m a slut!”

  5. hamzino says:

    she’s not funny, she looks like the bottom of my big toe and the worst
    thing is she steals jokes. complete and utter fraud.

  6. Johnson Taylor says:

    Get ready for small Asperger stricken and full time Reddit/4chan race
    obsessed white teenage trolls with a persecution complex to flood the
    comments section.

  7. john yale says:

    amy didnt make this video, so the only thing to get mad about is how she
    handled the heckler, which she did the same way most comedians do. the
    hashtag at the end had was not amy

  8. William Clark says:

    Kill it with fire

  9. Sydney Kurtyak says:

    Oh my god why is everyone being so mean to her…. How would you feel if
    people yelled that out to you. And also there’s no need to call her a
    “disgusting pig” or anything, or “talentless” that’s just ignorant

  10. acepc2 says:

    #ImWithHer this is the type of equality Hilary Clinton is talking about


    that is why i loovvee her

  12. Dustin Olson says:

    Why would anyone want to see her tits?

  13. Vyth Riel says:

    You don’t have to like Amy Schumer to see that this was awesome. I love
    seeing filthy hecklers punished in public.

  14. george brown says:

    Was waiting for him to get roasted. And nothing happened. How is she a

  15. Robert Melena says:

    How do people think she’s funny?!?! Wtf?!

  16. Thomas More says:

    Was going to give a thumbs up and then saw the “#I’m with her” at the
    end…. so I gave it a thumbs down. I’m not with her… I’m so not with

  17. Akash Akashi says:

    Oh I love her already!! Good one!

  18. Greg C. says:

    If you had class you would have yelled out “Show us your DICK!” and what
    would her come back be then? Oh yes, kick him out.

    Truth hurts Mr. Schumer?

  19. James L says:

    Don’t scroll down. It’s awful.

  20. Jacob Sturd says:

    Shut the fuck up you joke stealing fucker,