Amy Schumer Stolen Jokes Evidence?

Amy Schumer Stolen Jokes Evidence?

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20 Responses

  1. hamooon says:

    wait up, am i the only person in this comment section who actually loved

  2. Will Goodey says:

    Banks don’t generally charge for ATM withdrawals in the UK due to political
    and consumer pressure so yes, politicians can help stop that. Those banks
    are taking the piss.

  3. UranusProductions1 says:

    Thank god I don’t live in a country with those ATM bank fees.

  4. PaperBackHead10 says:

    I mean honestly most comedians say the exact same shit. Have you ever
    watched Tammy Pescatelli’s (sp?) stand up??? All heard before and unfunny.

  5. comnique939 says:

    In Singapore, you dont have to pay to use atms here :v

  6. garnerharp says:

    if you want to understand who runs the banks then study and research ONE

  7. Brian Miller says:

    Nothing is original, everything has been done before

  8. alexandsimba says:

    Didn’t will steal his characters from Elliott Morgan? ;D

  9. april ashley says:

    I use USAA they refund every arm charge and your cant over draft plus they
    pay your early because they know your going to get a check from your job
    though this is for military members and dependents.

  10. Max Harrison says:

    Amy schumer isn’t funny

  11. Javier Fernandez says:

    and she is a rapist. or just jokes like she is. i like one of the comedians
    she stole from.

  12. Crocky Crock says:

    Annoying little rat!! What a load of Bollocks!!!

  13. Stuart Geers says:

    She’s pretty much just emulating Apple. She’s going for rich success!

  14. Hazel Lucy says:

    If she hasn’t stolen any jokes, she’d have nothing to hide. By blocking
    someone who called her out on it, she just looks more guilty

  15. humanitarkamkd says:


  16. ToraleiStripe vevo says:

    Does it really fucking matter if she stole them…… A week ago everyone
    was shocked to see Kate Middleton wore the same outfit twice. Fuck you
    people! Get some better news

  17. MrTehStun says:

    most / near all ATMs in the UK are free.

  18. Richard Schrader says:

    I guess we need to take the banks back from those MUSLIMS? Muslims right?

  19. Richard Schrader says:

    Amy… you are a FAT WHORE…

  20. peauntbutterxboy93 says:

    That fat bitch isn’t even funny