Amy’s Baking Company SUBMISSION VIDEO | Kitchen Nightmares

Amy’s Baking Company SUBMISSION VIDEO | Kitchen Nightmares

Those cats seem special.
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89 Responses

  1. im lisa says:

    nino wouldn’t meow

  2. Random Musician says:

    Cue a shitload of cringe and hate…

  3. TransportFlick says:

    Meow meow meow. Meow! Meow!

  4. Sophia Noor says:

    Nino would clean her meows

  5. Ice Reaper says:

    Hi love your videos

  6. Tasley Marie says:


  7. Chris The Butcher and Friends says:

    I’m sure we have tablets for what she has😉

  8. Loki Is Awesome!!! says:

    Next time on “My Strange Addictions” We talk about why Amy is meowing…..

  9. ShredMaster2010 says:

    Amy is definitely a freak in the sheets

  10. Fungimegusta says:

    She deadass looks like a cat.

  11. xXGhoulishNinjaTurtleXx says:

    Crazy cat lady is crazy.

    • G says:

      I get that you’re not coming from a place of hate but you should be aware that Amy has been in psychiatric care for the past year. and is actually struggling with legitimate mental health problems. so this joke is uncool.

    • Jay says:

      G If she has mental problems then she shouldn’t be running a company, she put herself out there and is incapable of taking criticism or taking any negative aspects that come with it but will wholeheartedly devour the positive aspects.

      The real problem is her husband, who is a terrible enabler that is just extending the problem.

    • Camilo Mason says:

      *gasp* Jeremy from CinemaSins???

    • SummerTime High says:


    • Christopher Sanchez says:

      I would assume the “crazy” cat lady, would be “crazy” lol,

  12. MetroidFan says:

    4:06 “I’m getting extremely nervous right now because I have so many things going on back here.”
    *Literally nothing is going on back there*

  13. Fungimegusta says:

    Lmao, they replaced all the employees in the submission video by the time Gordon showed up.

  14. 웜부거 says:

    With how popular this show is, i dont get why they dont film new episodes. Literally have to rewatch same episodes over and over

    • Daniel Asher says:

      He might go back and do it at some point or another chef will take it on but it won’t be the same

    • Super Jelly Gaming says:

      Daniel Asher It’s coming back this month actually, as a different show called 24 hours to hell and back.

    • Tom Cutter says:

      웜부거 he is interested in doing another UK based show with the original format but as others have said he got many health issues with eating from dirty restaurants so wants to rest.

    • Darksyne says:

      JiffGaming why the hell is he still doing hotel hell then? It’s the same thing just with the addition with running a hotel, so it’s worse

    • Carpe diem says:

      he should’ve check the kitchen before eating anything!

  15. Talha K says:

    I almost died of cringe in the first 30 seconds until Gordon Ramsay saved me.

  16. Class 850 says:

    swear she has escaped from a mental hospital. theres no way shes not mental

  17. MicahDoStuff says:

    I’m glad that they’re closed for good.

  18. Thomas H says:

    Rumor has it Amy has now evolved into a cat. *Meow* 🐱

  19. BlueFlameGamer94 says:


  20. Loom Geek says:

    Please dont reproduce please dont reproduce and Someone take them cats AWAY from her ASAP

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