An Unexpected Apology, Charli D’Amelio Coronavirus Challenge, Last Minute Stimulus Problem Emerges

An Unexpected Apology, Charli D’Amelio Coronavirus Challenge, Last Minute Stimulus Problem Emerges

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Viral Spring Breaker Issues Apology:

Charli D’Amelio Encourages Social Distancing on TikTok:

State Leaders Not On Board With Trump’s Easter Plan:

Stimulus Bill Updates:

Cases Grow in Spain & International Updates:


States Release Some Inmates As Coronavirus Spreads in Prisons Across the U.S.:

Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Katie Calo
Production Team: Zack Taylor, Luke Manning, Alex Elnicki, Zach McIntyre
#DeFranco #AndrewCuomo # CharliDAmelio

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79 Responses

  1. Philip DeFranco says:

    Please stop asking me to make a BDDP shirt. You fantastic weirdos.
    Timecodes: Apology (1:23), TikTok (2:37), Trump’s Easter (3:32), Stimulus (7:21), COVID Updates (10:35)

  2. Nevertoleave says:

    Gangs in Brazil: stay home during this pandemic or else!
    Rest of the world: *confused clapping*

  3. nana na says:

    “Pack churches ” Woohhh… Cluster cases alerts!!! The lockdown should be done when the cases reached 300 imo.

  4. Kyouheikutie says:

    Hey Phil,
    I know you’re tired and drained. But you’re doing amazing. Your hard work is reassuring and paints a better picture then a lot of places are doing. Everyone is drained and probably feeling a little helpless. But you’re doing good work.

    • Googlefears Altmedia says:

      @Kyouheikutie The only people drained is communist China from being sucked off by the legacy news media.

  5. Mike Lanphear says:

    That Italian leader yelling at his people to stay home was actually heartbreaking.

  6. Cat's Rambling says:

    Seeing our mayors screaming at their citizens might be funny in the beginning, but it deeply saddens me that people are still not taking this seriously.

  7. Dave9596js says:

    Ok someone else definitely wrote that apology for him 👀😂

  8. Jeremy Jenkins says:

    The elderly left dead in their beds wounded me deeply. :'(

    • Clone #786 says:

      The inhumanity of it. Really hurts

    • V.K. Storytellers says:

      @Clone #786 Yet, when they were running the country into the ground because they refused to give up their power, inflated the Dollar to the point where it is not recoverable and sold us out to cover their own debts, none of you said a word. Yeah, these “stuck in their ways” sociopaths pretending to be sweet old people are really gonna be missed.

    • Clone #786 says:

      V.K. Storytellers: what’s WRONG with you?

    • Sprung _ SFM says:

      V.K. Storytellers
      Yes boomers were and are running us into the ground, but it is not okay to wish death on anyone, especially when most of those people were probably innocent.

    • Tim Silveira says:

      @Clone #786 He’s a twat.

  9. Lisa Noelle says:

    *”I’m just a Bill, yes I’m only a Bill… sitting here on Capitol Hill…”* God, I’m getting old… anyone hear that in their head when Phil said, “it’s only a bill”? I’m sure it’s just cabin fever.

  10. Saber X says:

    It’s so baffling to me that Italian officials have to literally yell at their citizens. The last video left me speechless.

    • Googlefears Altmedia says:

      @Saber X Fredo has trump derangement syndrome. He is a bad politician.

    • McNulty's Sober Companion says:

      With all that death, how the HELL are they still socializing with each other? What’s it going to take…?

      I have never been one to avoid the news, but I have stopped even looking at headlines about Italy. I can’t. It weighs too heavy on my heart. Jesus, they need a break over there. It’s unfathomable…

    • Fruitorsch says:

      I thought we were doing better. Honestly the Italians I came across in my life online and in petson are all so diverse in ideas and quite close-minded, so it’s no surprise that the people generally behave like that guy in middle school that doesn’t obey the teacher and causes all sorts of trouble. I’m Italian as well. Luckily there are reasonable people, but some are so careless or naive that they don’t take the situation with the severity it requires.

    • The Noobest Girl says:

      He looks in disbelief himself! Look at the little smile he’s giving while yelling those things, like he’s clearly thinking “I can’t believe I have to say these things right now. Are my people really this fucking dumb?”

    • Das Furrymedic! says:

      @Googlefears Altmedia who’s Fredo?

  11. CoqPwner says:

    “The Spanish deaths have now officially surpassed China.”
    Keyword here being officially

    • MrSlowestD16 says:

      To be fair I think China is able to get a better strangle hold on it because their lockdown is full fledged military “I don’t give a shit if you starve” lockdown. It’s not the limp dick “lockdown” the rest of the world uses. So I can imagine they put the brakes on that shit fast. But who knows…

    • Erik S says:

      The truth is that we don’t know. The CCP are great at surveiling and controll- ahem, I mean “observing” and “guiding” their people. That may have allowed them to suppress the spread better than Spain. Or it may be propa- “alternative truths”. No way to know

    • LIBERTY PRIME says:

      Fighting Finn HAHAHAHAHA

    • The Noobest Girl says:

      Take that with a giant grain of salt

    • Jane says:

      i doubt the cases have stopped completely but it’s definitely to a point where society can function properly. give credit where credit is due!

  12. RealmRabbit says:

    The Brazil situation has me laughing like crazy… Omg…

    We need the gangs to run Brazil’s portion of the Amazon Rainforest too…

  13. LÜG The Verified Loser says:

    Brazil president: *does nothing*

    Drug Cartels: Fine, I’ll do it myself

    • Glad Tidings says:

      @Googlefears Altmedia thats the dumbest thing ive ever read, congrats

    • bluetec123 says:

      Googlefears Altmedia What the hell is wrong with you LOL

    • StormCrown says:

      @Googlefears Altmedia Your comment makes no sense.

    • thelonelygamer361 says:

      @Talic-os Don’t listen to that guy, he is only trying to get people riled up by using a buzz word like racist. He did alter his message so though so I can’t see what he said about Cuba (my country of origin), but as someone who was in Cuba when this pandemic started I left as quickly as possible. It’s still a developing country, so while yes the doctors are great (maybe the best in the world) there isn’t enough medicine to go around even before the outbreak for people with chronic and serious medical conditions. On top of that, while the education is free and pretty good most people still lack education or even common sense, for example my uncle got very worried about this virus (he is old) and start social distancing very early and people imminently started making fun of him (this may have happened in Ciego but people in Habana aren’t too different ex: buses being like sardine cans and people touching and hugging in the street and minimizing/making fun of the virus). On top of that in all honesty the food the people get for very cheap per month from the government 1. you have to go and wait in a line (close together because no social distancing) to get it for someone who may or may not follow proper hand washing protocol after touching a bunch of CUP bills (money is very dirty) and 2. it really isn’t enough to last a whole month and most people have lost their jobs that relied on tourism so they can’t buy food.
      I mean it’s still might be better than the US but France is a lot better.

      TL;DR Don’t feed the trolls and Cuba is still a developing country therefore any first world country that cares about it’s citizens (universal healthcare) is better.

    • Das Furrymedic! says:

      @Phuoc Pham Why would you show that?

  14. Svangen_ says:

    Phil: “…remember it’s just a bill”
    Me: “and it got as far as capitol hill”

    • Shaina Shumway says:

      Ohhhh its a long, long way to the capital city. A long, long time until I’m sittin’ in committee.

    • Samantha Nickson says:

      @Shaina Shumway 🎵But I know I’ll be a law someday
      ! At least I hope and pray that I will, But today I am still just a bill.🎵 Rest In Power jack sheldon. not knowing they were learning, you brought smiles to the faces and jazz to the hearts of children everywhere.

    • McNulty's Sober Companion says:

      “There’s a lotta flag-burners/
      with too many freedoms/
      I’m gonna make it legal/
      for policemen to beat ’em”


  15. Penitent Hollow says:

    We will never know how many people actually died in China from Corona-virus.

  16. beatlesgirl says:

    Men Without Hats did it first and better- “The Safety Dance.”

  17. Clone #786 says:

    I really feel for the NY Governor. He’s really feeling the pressure and nobody’s taking it seriously. 400? The man needs 30,000! It’s “united” states, not each state for themself

    • Just Heather says:

      That’s literally this country since ppl were fresh off the boat, every state for themselves. I guess not much has changed.

      On a side note, NY needs 30k, but then your taking ventilators from other states that equally need them. It’s not about doing the ventilator shuffle, it’s about BUILDING NEW ventilators & that will take time. Thank god GM & Tesla have stepped up to help.

    • Taina’s Divine Tarot says:

      Warren Nelson It’s not true regarding the parks. Cops are patrolling a lot of NYCs parks and they’re making sure everyone is social distancing and no big social gatherings get placed. Maybe 2 weeks ago that stuff may had occurred but now it’s only people who want to still get their fitness on still are actually the ones who are taking time into going to the park at their own risk to still get a run and/or jog in but that’s it. & Yes, subways and busses are running still for free and they require social distancing if you wish to ride. It’s only for emergency use.

    • JayJay5244 says:

      Depends. I mean it literally says United we stand, divided we fall…

    • jacobianmail says:

      The man had the chance to purchase 16,000 of them before all this nonsense. But he spent the money on “more important” things.

  18. Its Ruso says:

    The govern of California sounds like he’s trying to sound like Christian Bales Batman

  19. Matt Tillenburg says:

    *sees the words “Coronavirus Challenge” in the title*

    Me: I don’t like this…

    Edit: Oh I guess it’s fine

  20. Danny Brown says:

    Procter & Gamble: the opposite of cruelty free and ethically sourced.

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