An unfortunate conversation at a bus stop in Brisbane

An unfortunate conversation at a bus stop in Brisbane

Video my son took while having a conversation with a sad and lonely lady carrying way too much thinly disguised hate. Proud of my son for his response.

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20 Responses

  1. RR 22101 says:

    Maybe she should go back to england

  2. hello it's me says:

    what does this lady think she is? God? she is so darn right rude and thinks
    she’s so superior. what has she been doing lately? watching Donald trump
    stuff? (no hate on DT)

  3. lilgrandechile says:

    i thought this crap only happens in the us smh. i’m from the us btw so dont
    get offended

  4. Erik S. says:

    That’s just sad

  5. Dao Yang says:

    It’s not that she’s stupid, she’s ignorant and denies everything.

  6. Michael Rawlins says:

    Wow that’s incredible people are so pregadist

  7. Bob Jones says:


    Nuff said

  8. Salvador Ortiz says:

    he’s cute

  9. Mo Tama says:

    Why australia turning into southern USA

  10. Hunter says:

    If you film vertical then it shouldn’t be allowed to be uploaded to Youtube

  11. Lloyd Christmas says:

    People comparing this cunt to Trump are complete morons.

  12. Johan Ofinlohigh says:

    OH MY BALLS!!! It’s a whitey with pride and an honest opinion! RACIST!!!

  13. luis g says:

    luckily people like her will die out soon and we won’t have to hear that
    kind of crap anymore

  14. Kirsty de Paor says:

    I’m sure the Aboriginals said the same thing about that woman’s

  15. tonebonetones says:

    On the one hand, your son did indeed handle this unpleasant situation well.
    However, you have no way of knowing this woman’s past, trials and
    tribulations. On the face of it, she is bigoted, no two ways about it; but
    there may well be some grim incident in her past that has twisted her to
    say what she has. To an extent we are all prejudiced in some way, whether
    it’s how we vote, or music we like or taste in beer, and – unfortunately –
    some people dislike other people for racial or sectarian reasons. One day,
    perhaps, the human race will evolve to be better.

  16. Sharath Koday says:

    That woman is one of the most drumphiest person!

  17. uhadme says:

    if everyone doesn’t see the world your way..
    video tape them and ridicule them.

    not like TV programmed the moron repeating the stuff YOUR tax money paid
    them to say/think.

  18. Zed Dez says:

    New Zealand is a foreign country for Auzzies? Learn something new everyday.
    Hmmm, wanna know how many Auzzie’s are in my Country? Well, one, fresh off
    the boat went on an American internet show speaking on behalf of Canadians.
    When I took issue, she responded “we’re all immigrants.” I quickly informed
    her that this damn country actually formed around my people who had been
    here for 250 years prior to its inception. She had no response. Dimwit.

  19. ShinyT says:

    There is an Australian way of life??????????????

  20. MrYouarethecancer says:

    The foreign hordes are at our door. it’s time we slaughter them. Asia is
    for Asians, Africa is for Africans, when will white countries me for white
    countries? why must we accept diversity while the other countries keep
    themselves pure.