Ana Navarro roasts Trump and Scottie Nell Hughes – CNN

Ana Navarro roasts Trump and Scottie Nell Hughes – CNN

“Don’t tell me you’re offended when I say pussy, but you’re not offended when Trump says…”

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20 Responses

  1. Edward Lynn says:

    Do you have the part right before this? That was pretty epic too.

  2. silentimperial says:

    I will always remember where I was when I witnessed some of the greatest TV

  3. Dale Greer says:

    Ana Navarro should have her own show.

  4. Marc Miller says:

    I love Ann Navaro

  5. Richard Sever says:


  6. canelo weight 155 pounds says:

    RIP Trump

  7. Aldin Shata says:

    Finally.. thank you, been waiting for someone to tear the absolute nonsense
    from Trump surrogates that they spew everyday on CNN

  8. Ilias Mavromatis says:

    Thank goodness for this tape hopefully that puts this mentalist out of the
    race and shows his more even headed supporters what a danger he actually
    is. Obviously the crazies will still head in his direction.

  9. paxdoesathing says:

    i just found out about ana navarro but she is now the best

  10. Ama Obenewa says:

    Yasss Ana! That Trump supporter is so clueless just like half his

  11. Darcseid27 says:

    I’ve never seen a candidate piss people off like Trump has.

  12. John Hunter says:

    LOL @ Scottie’s face. She looks like she was about to cry.

  13. Namida says:

    Trump get away with everything from baby to adult. We must bring him down
    to our level and show him what real life all about

  14. Thatpastaiscold says:

    Lmao at all of the virgins defending Trump. This is when their true colors
    will really be shown.

  15. inb4goldenage says:

    0:13 “and the people that are on the ballot are Donald Trump and Hillary

    What about Jill and Gary you fukin asshole?

  16. Kalamity says:

    Where do i apply to be a professional Victim?

  17. allewis86 says:

    If you’re a Trump supporter who STILL defends and supports him after this,
    then you’re just as bad as he is. Trump is not the one who scares me, he
    has always been a mysoginistic pig who preys on the weak – it’s his
    supporters who scare me the most, as they’re still prepared to turn a blind
    eye to the blatant racism, sexism and bullying that this man so readily
    demonstrates on a daily basis. He will never change, but you can – think
    long and hard about the decision you’re about to make, as there’s only so
    many times you can use the bullshit excuse “oh but Hillary’s emails, I
    don’t trust her, blah blah blah”, once he’s in, don’t come crawling back
    when you realise the colossal mistake you’ve made. They’re both terrible
    candidates, but of the two, the world knows which one is the more
    qualified. Wake the hell up, and stop being so god damn ignorant, you’re
    the reason the world thinks Americans are stupid.

  18. Pali Aha says:

    See the hottie Scottie, the Trump supporter? I’d like to GRAB her by her

  19. mywavesofgrain says:

    I’ve watched this about 20 times, I’ll probably watch 20 more!! I love Ana,
    OMG !! This was like the best thing I’ve ever seen! Tears of joy’

  20. Ally Jay says:

    All the money in the world ain’t worth being one of the most hated people
    in the world LOL, Give up. Don’t go down with the sinking ship, Trump