And The Oscar Goes To… How $$$ and Insane Campaigns Dictate Who Wins Big!

And The Oscar Goes To… How $$$ and Insane Campaigns Dictate Who Wins Big!

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87 Responses

  1. King Baby says:

    Black Panther was good, it wasn’t great. Infinity War should be the Marvel movie in the running for Best Picture in my opinion.

    • Egg Benedict says:

      I think they’re saving that for Endgame.

    • rakkatytam says:

      +Ren Outlaw Lol no, Thanos is really overrated. His edge lord ideals fall apart the moment anyone takes a second to even think about them.

    • OMEGA C.D says:

      King Baby hiya how are u????

    • CHE6yp says:

      The only Marvel movie i’d consider for Best Picture is Guardians of the Galaxy. All the other stuff is okay, but not like great. Black Panther is not even the best Marvel movie this year. It’s okay at best!

    • rakkatytam says:

      +CHE6yp Yo what about Logan though? Or is that not really a Marvel movie because it’s not part of the MCU, just like no one thinks of Sin City as being a Marvel movie.

  2. 00 darthboi says:

    The Dark Knight was totally robbed sadly . But then again , awards don’t really matter

  3. True Crime Mysteries says:

    I don’t watch any of the awards ceremonies, the movies I love rarely get nominated. Taste and preference is subjective and I take other people’s preferences with a grain of salt.

  4. Amar Azlan says:

    Into the Spiderverse is a better movie than Black Panther.

  5. Michelle Foucault says:

    I remember the aggressive campaign for La La Land. It’s kind of a miracle that Moonlight won.

    • Cosmo says:

      Moonlight literally only won because of the whole “#OscarsSoWhite” controversy the previous year, had that not happened Moonlight wouldn’t have even gotten a nomination, never mind best picture. The Academy has a history of pandering like that, even when they do the right thing it’s for all the wrong reasons

    • Ryan Khanna says:

      +Cosmo Even though it won for the wrong reasons, I’m still glad Moonlight won because I thought it was a better film than La La Land

    • Moh says:

      +Cosmo Moonlight is an amazing film tho worthy of winning it.

      also moonlight was published by A24, their movies get nominated a lot.

    • Genta says:

      The movie was such garbage when it came to musicals too

    • Michelle Foucault says:

      +Cosmo You don’t know that! Also La La Land is not revolutionary at all. Moonlight is and it shows the nuance of homophobia in the black community.

  6. ACE112ACE112 says:

    Bohemian Rhapsody It’s not gay enough. wtf reason is that.

  7. Moss says:

    When people talked about how they abused a dog in “A Dog’s Purpose” and it ended up being false accusations, I guess that would count as a whisper campaign. Man, I can’t believe I never noticed this happening. It’s gonna be hard to believe any news about any movie between now and the Oscar’s.

    • George Zakhia says:

      +Beth ! That all turned out to be a misunderstanding. They were trying to get the dog to go into the water, but it wasn’t by force. There are even videos of the dog being treated very well

    • Beth ! says:

      George Zakhia oh ok didn’t realise thanks for telling me!! That’s a relief!

    • Foxtrot says:

      +George Zakhia Yeah that’s horseshit. The video clearly shows the dog doesn’t want to go anywhere near the water and this guy’s trying to push it in, then because that doesn’t work he grabs the dog by the neck fur and dumps it in the water and pulls it back out.

      I don’t really see how that could be a “misunderstanding”, not even that keen on dogs but you’re a complete idiot if you believed what the studio said.

    • cRizy89 says:

      +Foxtrot You watched the edited version of the events. Here is Philip’s take on the events a day later when it happened, I’m assuming you might have missed it:

    • OMEGA C.D says:

      Moss hiya how are u????

  8. meeshmeeshsun says:

    Yea I just watch a video of how Harvey Weinstein creates this campaign system and how he basically stole the best picture Oscar from ‘Saving Private Ryan’ because ‘Shakespeare in love’ had the best marketing campaign. It’s crazy how much money can sway a person.

    • random commentator says:

      That was the last year I watched the Oscar’s. These days I just read an article summarizing everything.

    • McNulty's Sober Companion says:

      I am still pissed about that. “Shakespeare in Love” has its charms, but it is dwarfed by “Saving Private Ryan” (which I personally believe is much more than just “2 great combat sequences sandwiching a mediocre war film”, but that’s a whole other comments-section). The most pissed I’ve ever been at the Oscars was in 2016: in my STRONG opinion Scorsese’s “Silence” was robbed of many deserved nominations (particularly for the Japanese cast, at least 2 of whom I was sure would get nominated Best Supporting Actor….).
      But yeah. That’s my rant. 🙂

    • Kate says:

      Ugh why did you have to remind me of that travesty?

    • Ben Ruckus says:

      Don’t forget, before going woke was a thing, movies about the holocaust was pure gold. Philadelphia might have been a better movie, with much better characters and acting than Schindler’s List.

    • CHE6yp says:

      Haha, i also watched that video today!

  9. Matthew Murillo says:

    Wait, am I the only one who noticed the Oscar has developed a better voting system than the US currently does?

    • Grinnar says:

      +JavelinJoe703 most of my ex’s are from those areas. And let me tell you, my NYC ex is the smartest and most educated, as well as the most giving towards the needy.

    • Amanda Jones says:

      +JavelinJoe703 my thoughts exactly. I’ve lived in very red pockets of notably blue states- NY, MA, CT, and PA. Winner-take-all means someone’s vote is discarded. That’s how we get glitches, like the couple times where popular vote didn’t match the electoral winner. Everyone should vote, but even if everyone does, some of them will be thrown out by our current system.

    • Jesus Herrera says:

      +John Doe it doesn’t. Look at Texas and California as primary examples. The majority of the cities in Texas alongside the rural are extremely Republican or lean Republican. The high population numbers make the votes from El Paso, Austin, and the Rio Grande Valley be overlooked by the big cities of Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth. This happens in California as well. Outside of the big cities such as LA, San Diego, etc. Rural or small cities in California are dominantly Republican but their votes get drowned by the vast population of the big cities that vote Democratic. Either way you put it, the big cities still dictate the vote with the current method since it’s a winner take all in the presidential election. The only solution is to split electoral votes depending on the percentage of votes a candidate wins in the state.

    • Нилл says:

      Who are whisper campaigns and false accusations against other movies a better system? Wtf are you talking about ?

    • Jstewify says:

      Oh my god shut up.

  10. IsraDevil says:

    Is there any establishment in America that isn’t corrupted in one way or another?

  11. Alex says:

    As much as Black panther was good it was NOT Oscar worthy. I’m sorry. Some of the dialogue was extremely modern and cliche. It seemed played out as most marvel origin stories. Culturally it was amazing but film wise it wasn’t great.

    • Kevin Spacey says:

      Marvel fan here. I agree. Black Panther could of been way better. Infinity war >>>>> Black Panther

    • Ashley Chen says:

      I want people to take the time to compare it to other superhero films that got academy worthy buzz, films like The Dark Knight and Logan. Can anyone honestly say Black Panther is on the same level of excellence as those two films?

    • QB TV says:

      Ashley Chen hell naw not if you’re throwing Logan in there. I still cry TILL THIS DAY when Logan dies

    • Nqobile Ngema says:

      +Beatriz Zacharias have to completely disagree… It was nt rooted in a single African culture as it was mashing up badly certia. African cultures. As a black South African i was underwhelmed.

      Screw culture narrative if your movie is really a rehash storyline and has sooo much plot holes it barely holda water. To me this movie was no better then Thor 2

    • OMEGA C.D says:

      Alex hiya how are u????

  12. GREENSP0RE says:

    10:10 Hey! How is Freddy Mercury simply being gay something dark? They certainly don’t shy away from making it look dark even in the PG-13 movie. AIDS should be the only real villan here, but they make Prentere out to be the villan, and he just happens to be the first gay character we meet if I remember correctly. Are 13 year olds not allowed to know that dibilatating diseases are bad? How are these not fair criticisms? You call it a whisper campaign but there are many news outlets pointing out the same exact thing. I’m not sure you fully understand the criticisms leveled at the movie.

  13. The Thought Emporium says:

    My grandfather was a member of the academy for as long as I could remember. It was always fun because he’d get new movie releases months before they came out in theaters so he could watch them and vote on the various categories. I remember when the second pirates of the Caribbean movie arrived in the mail, I watched it over winter break and was confused when my friends hadn’t seen it yet when I got back to school. Then I realized it wouldn’t be out in theaters for at least a month. He passed away a couple years ago so for the first time in my memory the movies stopped arriving. Between him being an actor and the constant stream of movies for years, film has come to be a huge part of my life. Probably why I got into making videos.

  14. scuro691 says:

    She was doing so well with the story that when phil came back for outro it startled me, I had forgotten I was even watching a Philip Defranco show lol

  15. Omar Aguilar says:

    The Nickelodeon kids award show has more relevancy and importance to me than the Oscars.

  16. Ghost Killer Entertainment says:

    I just watched an episode of Adam Ruins Everything where they literally did an exact episode on this topic. Anyone else watch this series on Netflix?

  17. FRAGGS says:

    was it just me or did you forget this was a philip defranco video lol

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  19. Maxpaz02 says:

    Oh yeah yeah

  20. volleyballking95 says:

    #3 on trending

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