Anderson Cooper pushes Pam Bondi on LGBTQ issues

Anderson Cooper pushes Pam Bondi on LGBTQ issues

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20 Responses

  1. miacanes5 says:

    And in what universe does a view on gay marriage equate an endorsement for
    their murder? Really?

  2. Jeanne Winfield says:

    what a lying piece of shit she is

  3. Samira Martinez says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha stupid is what stupid does.

  4. JP Pellat says:

    She is an opportunistic racist Trump servant. Of course she would try to
    exploit this to her advantage…

  5. edAVP1138 says:

    This bitch could give a fuck about gays until they got massacred. GET THIS

  6. Chris says:

    Are we sure that was Anderson Cooper? He was actually acting like a real
    journalist here. I’m confused.

  7. TheYogiiii says:

    Homophobic conservatives are exploiting this tragedy to (1) pay lip service
    to the LGBT community, and (2) advance their anti-Muslim agenda.

  8. JT Hickman says:

    I can’t wait for his grilling of Hillary on her flip flopping on gay
    marriage for political purposes… Oh… that won’t happen…

  9. Jesse Duran says:

    Anderson, I applaud you.

  10. Kim Jape says:

    LOL dodge weave parry

  11. JT Hickman says:

    LGBT better wake up… libs are going to continue to flood this nation with
    those wanted you dead. The right may disagree with you on the definition of
    marriage and so forth, but they aren’t murdering you all over the world.
    Gun control isn’t going to fix the islam issue…

  12. Sam The Pan says:

    Should have changed the news headline to: Watch Anderson Cooper drag this
    bitch on live tv

  13. Jaw Knee says:

    Look at the hatred flowing from the leftists comments on the video. You
    people are dangerous.

  14. idontsignin says:

    Walking down a dark alley at night is being in the wrong place at the wrong
    time. People going out trying to enjoy themselves isn’t.

  15. Justin Ruck says:

    she was walking on eggshells with her responses lol

  16. Winonasalibi says:

    She’s disgusting. A pathetic tool.

  17. jdpowell72 says:

    This badgering is incredibly inappropriate. Only a fool thinks that someone
    who is against gay marriage can’t sympathize with the victims of the
    Orlando massacre, or that opposing gay marriage somehow encouraged this
    attack. Nor did she ever claim to champion the gay community. He put those
    words in her mouth and then called her a hypocrite. Normally I like Cooper,
    but this is awful journalism.

  18. fjwjr says:

    What a douchebag. Her job isn’t to be a ‘champion’ for any special group,
    but for everyone as described by the laws of her state. So what if she
    didn’t Tweet something about gay people in the last year? When did that
    become a requirement? Is there a standard for how many gay Tweets one must
    post per month? This is insanity and does nothing to help anyone.

  19. Johanna Roberts (Sephirajo) says:

    “How dare you call me on the truth!”

  20. R Hayes says:

    Looks like this video was edited at 1:58.