Andrew Luck’s retirement from the NFL shocks Ryan Clark | SportsCenter

Andrew Luck’s retirement from the NFL shocks Ryan Clark | SportsCenter

Ryan Clark says Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck’s decision to retire is the “most shocked I’ve been on any news.” Clark details the battle Luck has been facing with injuries and how his teammates in the locker room should react to his decision.

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63 Responses

  1. Neil Ouellette says:

    Jim Irsay would hold out his hand to Luck and say “take a couple of these blue ones and get out there and play”.

  2. Rony Gi says:

    I am disappointed, but I glad he is thinking about the future, no matter what type of new gears they wear in football, this sport will always be health threatening, It’s no longer about how much money you get, its about if you can come out the same way you went in?

  3. Sand Man says:

    Stupid Colts organization took too long to get Andre Luck some help in the O-Line and he paid for it with injuries. Smh

    • Dafucc U'thought says:

      @888strummer facts, he gets to many excuses, 2017 he missed the whole season because he hurt his shoulder snowboarding and had to have surgery.

    • 888strummer says:

      @Aleiyosha Stop manipulating stats??? Really??? Tell that to Matt Stafford, Eli Manning and others who take many more bad hits than Luck would know, but rarely get injured. That’s just how sports is; some are injury prone and some aren’t. If Luck played with Lions or Giants he would have never made it through a season, but Manning and Stafford do. Didn’t anyone here ever play sports? Some guys never got injured and some guys always got injured. It’s just how it is and Andrew Luck is one of those guys who always gets injured

    • 888strummer says:

      @Dafucc U’thought He took 2 years to admit the snowboarding incident injured his shoulder, but people still want to blame his o-line.

    • eric guerra says:

      @888strummer I have to agree with you on this one. Since 2012 for example qbs like Wilson and Tannehill have been sacked more than Andrew Luck but are still able to play. I believe what no one is taking into account is Andrew Luck’s playing style throughout his first few seasons. Luck always displayed a nonchalant attitude towards taking hits early on. He wrongly assumed that because he was bigger and stronger than his qb peers in college, he could carry that mindset over to the NFL. Ultimately, I believe it was a combination of both factors that led to his early retirement.

  4. YGAM LTD says:

    Got rid of Peyton when he was injured….now Luck is getting rid of you when he is injured

    • Dats a paddlin says:

      Manning somewhere smokin a cigar

    • Damion Barrett says:

      Man I remember when the owner of the colts made the decision to get rid of Peyton Manning!! I thought that was the most backstabbing moment for Peyton who gave that team a superbowl championship win!!

      He played with class on the field and spoke with grace off the field!! And he got stabbed in the back by the owner just because he didn’t trust that Peyton’s injury would ever recover.

      But Peyton did recover fully and won another superbowl!! Now Andrew Luck gets to walk away on his own terms!! Rather than be debilitated by his injuries he has suffered over time!!

      People don’t see the PTSD that can occur from so many injuries!! I am happy for Andrew that he is making the best decision for himself!! Screw the owner and the fans!!

    • chris klein says:

      YGAM LTD — *Luck isn’t “getting rid” of anybody.* *He’s looking out for his own best interest, his quality of life.* *Nobody can blame him for that.* *Thats absurd.*

    • Johnny Five says:

      Poetic justice

    • chris klein says:

      armyjoe1984 — *They deserve it because they did nothing to keep him protected.* *Thats on the owner.* *The guy wants to be able to piss without using a bag in old age and properly walk right and I can’t blame him.* *His early exit falls on the organization.*

  5. Jimbo Dunn says:

    The Colts let Manning go for their future. Manning won another Super Bowl. The Colts were duds.
    Karma buddy.

  6. IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers says:

    The Colts Offensive Line is SO BAD that he had to retire.. Colts dropped the ball BIG TIME

  7. LEOPARDTWO says:

    A lesson could be learned from Joe Namath. Float your internal organs in alcohol, and play without pain for many years!

  8. Pedo Bear says:

    BREAKING NEWS: Brett Favre unretires to play for Colts.

  9. Elliscann 9 says:

    He doesn’t “have” to give the game up ? he choose. I think the colts fans should feel ashamed for booing such a player out of the arena. That is embarrassing. The amount of crap Andrew luck has done for the colts in the amount of time he was there. Respect the decision cause nobody & I mean nobody wants to be QB for the Colts.

  10. Jay MoB says:

    This josh Rosen right here with that cardinals oline no running game now dolphins bad oline no running game…

  11. G Sterling says:

    Luck’s decision is evidence of a more advanced view of life versus football.

  12. Eliè Laurent says:

    Colin cowherd somewhere crying his eyes out rn. ??

  13. Primetime 210 says:

    Wow I didnt see that coming.

    Front office you failed this man ?

  14. Daycow045 says:

    You cant be mad at someone preserving their health

  15. Taylor Harrison says:

    There’s a new afc playoff team now, colts have been eliminated.

  16. Alex X says:

    Wish him the best. He had a good run, and I respect his decision. He’s too classy for the crap he had to take.

    • David Page says:

      its true tho your health being physically and mentally well is what really matters it was a good choice hes been through enough

    • neetrab says:

      I don’t mind that he retired for health reasons. I just mind the timing of it and for him to basically say “F it, I quit” at the end of preseason is just not respectable, to me. He let many people down. He already had thoughts of retirement a while back and should’ve said something sooner. I’m not a colts fan but it’s totally understandable why they’re pissed. I’m an eagles fan and if Carson Wentz did that, I’d be upset too!! Not that this should be precedent, but peoples fantasy football is messed up now. Money is involved in that, I’m sure.
      Bottom line is other people are affected by this, not just him. Now the coaches got to hurry up and scramble together a season WITHOUT a franchise qb after the high expectations the organization had as well as the fans. smh

  17. John Coopes says:

    Same problem Barry Sanders had, zero offensive line and horrible front office!

    • JoPo 33 says:

      @Nonya Biznes BECAUSE HE HAD NO OLINE you think any running back in their mind is like my numbers would look real good if I just fuck off what type of logic yall using

    • JoPo 33 says:

      @exoticnoise46636 he also is getting paid and has accepted his reality he also doesnt have a Stanford degree clearly Andrew is setting up his after life after football while Stanford will be a broke old man if he doesnt leave the lions

    • 888strummer says:

      @JoPo 33 The stats don’t lie. You can get as dramatic as you want. But first you posted bogus stats and then when you are shown you’re wrong you still blame their o-line. Haven’t any of you played sports to know that some people are injury prone and others aren’t? Again, the reality is that he had 1 year where he was the 5th most sacked qb and no other year was he in the top 10 as most sacked; despite throwing more than 90% of the qb’s. So maybe he’s just brittle because MANY other qb’s take a much worse pounding like Eli Manning and don’t retire at 29. Last year the Colts o-line was the best for qb protection as he was sacked the least despite throwing the second most. But now he has a high ankle sprain. He’s just brittle

    • 888strummer says:

      @exoticnoise46636 Great example with Stafford; another qb like Eli Manning who takes a much worse beating year after year than Luck would ever know. Some players are injury prone like Luck and some aren’t. He was sacked just 18 times last year; the least in the NFL; but he enters this year with a high ankle sprain. He’s brittle and should retire

    • JoPo 33 says:

      @888strummer everyone likes to find stats that you can use to support your argument like you have done this whole time dude so what he wasn’t a top 5 for more sack you can’t call someone brittle when the coaches and the NFL were telling him to stop going head on with defenders down the field when he takes in a run someone whose brittle doesn’t look for contact at all, at one point in his life you could look up the interview he says he looks for contact cause it wakes him up during the game but again if you want to be a fucken stat pusher and throw out whatever numbers you want sure I can spend the next half hour like you did finding numbers to support my case how about this other than last year the colts haven’t drafted in O lineman beyond the 7th rounder and later meaning undrafted before their 2 rookies they got last year and even then they had a good year where did the colts end up and don’t call me dramatic when you’re the one trying to look for every stat to help you how bout we look at the numbers for the colts getting another target for him beside his TE and TY Also it’s become more and more clear you just don’t like the guy and you’re looking for something To bury him under if you wanna talk about someone whose brittle and injury prone Sam Bradford is the perfect Andrew luck had a shady line most of his career they had one good year after HEs taken 6 years of a beating also eli manning are you fucking serious most people especially giants fan want him to retire after his 2nd ring hes done nothing since except suck and as for your playing b4 argument yes I’ve played br and know the difference between brittle and a real player your defending Stafford but they were calling him injury prone and fragile just a yr ago and br that

  18. kiddada3 says:

    29 years old, walks away with millions he made a brilliant decision. Time for real life to begin

    • 6 3 says:

      Yup. All he has to do is be frugal with his money and he’s set for life. The only thing he should spare no expense on is reclaiming his health so he doesn’t have to go through his elder years in constant pain.

    • Shawn R says:

      Indianapolis colts organization and fans got ripped off. He walks away with 97 million. And he is only 29 with no serious injurys?

    • justmeivangee says:

      Shawn R lol I’m sorry what? So his concussions and torn muscles and lacerated kidneys weren’t serious injuries? Okayyy

    • TheJairo562 says:

      @justmeivangee 97 million my dude break my ribs tear my kidneys up im down. Andrew is gonna f around and buy some new body parts

  19. The NERO says:

    The man didn’t go to Stanford for nothing. Made the smartest decision for himself. Respect to Andrew Luck.

  20. chris klein says:

    *Kidneys, shoulders among other major injuries.* *This doesn’t surprise me at all and I back him 110%.* *Quality of life matters !*

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