Android Oreo – Open Wonder

Android Oreo – Open Wonder

Android Oreo has arrived. Safer, smarter, more powerful & sweeter than ever.

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20 Responses

  1. Andrew M. says:

    And I was waiting for an Octopus.

  2. Jarrett | The Guy That Plays Games says:

    Well, looks like it’s time to start up the rumor train about Android P now

  3. Nicolò says:

    Waiting LineageOS 15

  4. Jouble Jåbs says:


  5. JustUploads says:

    fucking scammers. you owe me a bag of corn and a bucket of soda.

  6. Fitri Hiiragi says:

    still stuck with lolipop.. FeelsBadMan

  7. Siddhesh says:

    Waiting for resurrection remix OS 6.0
    that will be awesome….

  8. DieEneBelg says:

    wil it come on the nexus devices? (5X and 6P)

  9. TheEpiCool says:

    The new emojis look fucking stupid

  10. Abhishek Bansal says:


  11. Stew says:

    I always wonder what sort of agreement google makes with these snack companies.

  12. Steve says:

    LOOK! the operative system that 99% of Android devices won’t have!

  13. Далай Лама says:

    Never will be available on your current smartphone!

  14. NXG says:

    Is Oreo ok with Android stealing their shit?

  15. Frank Conquest Jr says:

    It hasnt arrived yet on my S7 Active yet..The only way to get Oreo is at the supermarket.

  16. Elon Musk says:

    Can Android Oreo run Witcher 3 or Skyrim yet at 4K 60 frames per second?
    If not I’m disappointed..

  17. Maisonier says:

    I’m waiting fot Android 7 on my note 4 … fuck Samsung.

  18. Paulo Henrique de Medeiros says:

    “Android 8 has arrived…” To whom? The elite who can afford to buy new devices, that is.

  19. AdmiralSupreme says:

    Meanwhile, my Samsung has yet to receive the 7.0 Nougat update

  20. Nicotine Oob says:

    Better than iOS

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