Angry Birds 2 – Official Gameplay Trailer

Angry Birds 2 – Official Gameplay Trailer

It’s time to join your favorite feathered heroes on an all-new adventure as they storm Piggy Island to rescue their poor stolen eggs (again)!

Play the sequel to the biggest mobile game, like, ever, and get some sweet retribution.

Get the game now: We’re coming for you, pigs!

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17 Responses

  1. Snowfire says:

    +tehcornflakes Live
    Goes to Google Play.
    Over 100,000 reviews.
    What was that about “no one plays Angry Birds anymore?”

  2. tehcornflakes Live says:

    +Conner Darrell M8, nobody buys angry birds anymore.

  3. Conner Darrell says:

    +tehcornflakes Live Because people like you buy these games.

  4. Bon says:

    hey it will only cost you 200 dollars to have fun with this mobile
    game…SO AWESOME!!!

  5. QuocHung Lam says:

    best angry birds game i’ve ever played

  6. dedede666 says:

    Figures, no Windows Phone.

  7. dedede666 says:

    Figures, no Windows Phone.

  8. Ethan Matlock says:

    Wasn’t there 5 Angry birds already

  9. Marco Polo says:

    Just like COD the same game every time smh…?

  10. Harsh Rathod says:

    Oh, damn! This trailer makes me feel so excited! #AngryExcitement!

  11. Deputy Weld says:

    it’s sus

  12. Tiger Tank says:

    Fuck you

  13. dragon_blade says:

    Rovio a little hint create something new while your ahead ….