Anna Camp Takes the Bra Off Her Back for Anna Kendrick

Anna Camp Takes the Bra Off Her Back for Anna Kendrick

Ellen discovered the cast of “Pitch Perfect 3” is so close that Anna Camp offered to give up her bra for pal Anna Kendrick. Plus, their co-stars Rebel Wilson and Brittany Snow also talked “serial killer traits”.

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52 Responses

  1. Gamer Jake says:

    OMG LOL!!!!

  2. frozen daffodil says:

    So who’s here before 1K??

  3. Speed Alive says:

    ellen dosent talk
    she say: let hem do my job

  4. J. S. says:

    Crazy that Anna was in Twilight πŸ˜€

  5. delusionaljauregui says:

    this is the sendrick content i’ve signed up for

  6. Shouto Todoroki says:

    Cant believe pitch perfect 3 is almost here

  7. old nidal adnan says:

    Fat amy omg…big fan🀘

  8. wildflowers30 says:

    For a second there I forgot they were being interviewed, they have such amazing chemistry LOL

  9. Robin F says:

    The one next anna kendrick is hot af

  10. Nishtha Rana says:

    ellen didnt have to say much hahaha i love these ladieessss

  11. Zachary David says:

    Who’s excited for Pitch Perfect 3??

  12. B B says:


  13. Mikaella Taylor says:

    This is my favourite interview they have ever done. And now I’m thinking about my own serial killer trait…

  14. Jah Daughter says:

    I clicked for that bra thingβœ‹βœ‹

  15. Kaya says:

    the orange haired girl is glowing, couldnt stop staring at her! πŸ™‚

  16. Juvielyn Calatin says:

    Arghhh I can’t stop laughing for these.. This four is totally amazing.. Hahaha. When Camp share her bra to Kendrick, that’s cool thou.. Nothing can hide!! Hahaha.. And when the war start.. I can’t stop laughing.. Oh my god!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Bellas for life!! ❀

  17. Dear Darkness says:

    Brittany snow is sooooo beautiful

  18. Lelaki Sebelah Pintu says:

    i like that ellen Vid is getting longer and longer on youtube.

  19. smileyfan16 says:

    Only on Ellen would there be bra talk. So funny. I love this show so much

  20. Kylie's Corner says:

    I love how quirky they are

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