Anna Kendrick’s Booty vs. John Krasinski’s Proud Mary | Lip Sync Battle

Anna Kendrick’s Booty vs. John Krasinski’s Proud Mary | Lip Sync Battle

Anna Kendrick and John Krasinski bring their battle to an epic conclusion. How does Krasinski’s take on Tina Turner’s classic version of Proud Mary stand next to Anna’s surprise-filled performance of Jennifer Lopez’s Booty? Find out now!

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Lip Sync Battle is already a huge viral sensation. Now Spike is taking it to the next level with its very own show, hosted by LL Cool J and with colorful commentary by social media maven, Chrissy Teigen. Each episode will feature two A-list celebrities like you’ve never seen them before – syncing their hearts out in hysterically epic performances. The mic is off, the battle is on!

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20 Responses

  1. Mellie K says:

    Anna slayed.

    And everyone bitching about the clip not working, consider the fact that 1)
    it hasn’t aired in your country yet and 2) it’s not even available to watch
    onDemand here in the US.


  2. Andy Andy says:

    So fuckin shit, who watchin it?

  3. pommeblossom says:

    Can anyone tell me what Chrissy Teigan’s purpose is for this show? Just
    wondering? I like her and all, I just don’t know what she does on the show!

  4. Hugo Alvarado says:

    Anna K. whipping her hair is the highlight of my day…LOVE +AnnaKendrick

  5. Rebecca Screeton says:

    So it’s only available in the U.S.? Makes sense

  6. Gina Drayer says:

    John Krasinski’s Proud Mary is a thing of beauty. 

  7. MrMarshallmathersss says:

    Hahaha USA is better than every other fucking country in the world. Our
    best people are the smartest, strongest, and just generally best in the
    world. We would destroy any country that challenged us. Fuck all you weak
    ass countries.

  8. Amy Glamos says:

    John Krasinski’s Proud Mary is a thing of beauty. 

  9. withnaturalflavors says:

    “You’re fired!” (John to Chrissy)

    Me: YES!!!!

  10. salas7146 says:

    This show is amazing.

  11. Daniel Christensen says:

    Somebody get that butt ugly beezy Chrissy Teigen off this show. Like, she’s
    not doing anything other than standing there and looking disgusting. Can we
    please make #GetChrissyTeigenOffLipSyncBattle a trending hashtag?

  12. Jorge Reyes says:

    Omg that was amazing made my friday

  13. Javier Calvo says:

    its digle from arrow!

  14. Kennedy Olson says:

    She only won because she had JLo. He was the true winner! 

  15. DIANA CHACON says:

    No words can cover and describe my feelings 

  16. DIANA CHACON says:

    But I have to day thank you for the performance the effort the hard work. 

  17. Nika Weidert says:

    Seriously my favorite lsb this far!

  18. Robin Slovenski says:

    Loved this!

  19. Yasmin Rodriguez says:

    Then JLO pops out like……

  20. Lindsay Mead says:

    Anna killed it!