Anne Hathaway Rewatches Her First Commercial

Anne Hathaway Rewatches Her First Commercial

‘Ocean’s 8’ star Anne Hathaway’s first commercial can hardly be considered acting. Mainly because, for the first few hours on set, she didn’t realize the cameras were rolling.

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67 Responses

  1. Sofia Venegas says:

    Well, after almost 13 years, I think Meryl was right about it

  2. BLACK WIDOW GIRL 147 says:

    Wow I never even knew she did commercials!

    • Jeff S says:

      BLACK WIDOW GIRL 147 – a lot of now famous actors were in commercials first. They’re gems when they are found.

  3. Hammad Ali says:


  4. Jeebus Fortis says:

    She looks more elegant and classy as she ages!

  5. Azuraion says:

    She is absolutely glowing!

  6. DC 1810 says:

    You can tell straight away Stephen in nervous in front of beautiful women.He fumbles too much 🙂

    • Suyash Upadhyay says:

      Nope he wasn’t and no he doesn’t. Meeting handsome men and beautiful women is his job, if he doesn’t feel comfortable how the hell will he make them feel comfortable enough to share details of their lives?? Everytime Stephen fumbles or quickens up is because of the time constraint. He is a genius.

    • Jonathan Doig says:

      And he immediately mentions his wife. Like “down boy!”.

    • Michael Berthelsen says:

      DC 1810 It-s just endearing, hehe.?

    • Alma Z says:

      I agree, I love Conan’s jokes and his interaction with guests, but the way he interviews oh man..

    • You get a car! says:

      Thedaintyprince Jbr yeah, like the interview he did with Biden was excellent, and he has had some great conversations with Glenn Close, Jane Fonda or Helen Mirren

  7. Pandawatch says:

    Dat ass in batman though HIINNNg

  8. Aaron Lew says:

    Stephen! Stephen! Stephen!

  9. magnetiktrax says:

    Spending her commercial earnings on college. Smart move!

    • Eddie Panedi says:

      She’s obviously an intelligent person, I think that is the difference between a career and a movie. That was a bad commercial though.

  10. godkenjiX99 says:

    She is the perfect woman, brains, beauty and humor. 😛

  11. New Message says:

    I was half expecting an Allison Janney moment for a while there…

  12. New Message says:

    No pressure, Stephen.. no pressure.

  13. Keisha Lambarte says:

    she is just great in this interview. and awwwww Stephen being shy and unable to take a compliment. too cute

  14. TokinBifter says:


    • Radhika Somani says:

      TokinBifter I just saw the Show’s insta story and it seems like the crowd was lit. There was quite a nice chant going that didn’t quite translate to this segment. Weird

    • FreeWorldChannel says:

      Because she’s fucking bland

    • heister says:

      Typical DNC paid shills. They don’t really have a mind of their own, just told when to laugh or cheer.

    • ZoeKitten84 says:

      heister because it’s a tv show, not a music concert. Has nothing to do with any political party. If they let the crowd go wild for the entire show Stephen and the guests would be drowned out.

    • Guy Faulkes says:

      heister – What a miserable Trump lemming you must be. Make love to yourself, the only person who can tolerate your sad ass.

  15. socrappyicoulddie says:

    Do guests on other late night shows spend time gushing over the host during their interviews? I swear the Late Show has a weekly quota.

    • squallofreeves says:

      It’s just the times. It’s not every year that America has an utterly corrupt and incompetent horse for a President. Seeing him talking about the latest shenanigans the POTUS is up to calms people down. But sometimes I wonder, should people be calmed down? There is a reason why Kings didn’t arrest jesters in the ancient times. Shouldn’t people be more mad so they could do something instead of just watching a 71-year-old imbecile sell out their own country bit by bit?

  16. Dany says:

    God, she must be the most beautiful person on this planet. She gets better and better with age

    • Airik Luna says:

      Dany Don’t stare long, the more you look at her the more you die on the inside.
      Haunting beauty, almost like a classical painting.

    • heister says:

      Most women are pretty hideous without makeup. And you don’t get better with age – that’s why a lot of men regularly upgrade to younger women when one gets old and busted or acts uppity.

    • Airik Luna says:

      heister Sad you call those men, we all have temptation but MEN stay true to thier wife and kids.
      Not many of us left so you could have just never come across an actual man.
      Here’s a fun fact. This batch of males were raised predominately by single women.
      I’m not saying anything beyond it takes two for procreation and upbringing.

    • Dany says:

      heister Wow, you’re gonna be so depressed when you’re older. Actually, you’re probably horribly depressed now, considering your current mindset. I hope you find inner peace soon and stop being a dick to those around you

    • Airik Luna says:

      Dany: An Incel in hell. The more of a d!ck he becomes the less chance he will ever be in a happy relationship. Talk about self feeding self destruction.
      I mean geez we were watching Stephen Colbert weren’t we? I think he needs his nappy poo and blanky.

  17. Dany says:

    Who made that commercial???? Who wants to associate their business with children crying and separating friendships?? Lmfao

  18. Dave H. says:

    I thought Stephen was going to say, “Okay, I did it. Goodnight. I quit.” when he stood up. Pull a George Costanza and leave on a high note.

  19. Buenomars says:

    A nice drawn out, mighty compliment, that one.

  20. marim0y says:

    she’s so freaking awesome.

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