Announcing: an Announcement!

Announcing: an Announcement!

Stephen Colbert Makes a Huge Announcement about Trump’s Huge Announcement!

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20 Responses

  1. Alex Torres says:

    By far the best announcement of an announcement!! Thanks Colbert yisus!

  2. aperson22222 says:

    September 8? I could be dead by then. Start now! I can’t take anymore of
    Corden’s boring-ass “Talking Mentalist” sketches!

  3. fight4urright1 says:

    I remember when he used to be funny…

  4. dyoung1844 says:

    Really excited for this new season my news week hasn’t been the same
    without truthiness.

  5. David Whiteman says:

    Why do you censor on this channel? Are you really expecting 12 year olds to
    be watching a satirical video about Donald Trump on “The Late Show”
    channel? Pull your heads out of your ass on this one. And If I hear “beep”
    every two minutes when I’m watching Late Show with Colbert once it starts
    airing, then I ain’t watching that shit!

  6. jjjuser1 says:

    Marry me?

  7. Dataiconroy says:

    Yes. brilliant. Trump and Colbert 2016!

  8. Distracted Observer says:

    Colbert just like Obama can’t do a speech without a prompter!

    In all seriousness though, we miss yah big guy. Can’t wait to see the new

  9. kiramiq says:

    I see what you did with the Ulysses bit and it was glorious.

    • kiramiq says:

      +Mark Mahoney
      Oh but the ending is the best part! The whole book really changes one’s
      thinking. You walk away from it a different person.

      Also there’s the context of that phrase and who says it in the book that
      works with this joke as well, but you’ll have to read the book! Or at least
      the ending~

      I wish all comedians were like Colbert and didn’t sell their audience
      short, because people are smarter than even they realize.

    • Mark Mahoney says:

      +kiramiq Well now that I know the ending Ulysses, I don’t have to finish
      it! hah

      Knowing that makes it so much funnier, thanks for explaining. Colbert’s
      humor is so multivalent and literary, it’s refreshing to have a comedian
      with a major platform who respects the intellect of his audience (even if
      some of it goes over my head!)

    • kiramiq says:

      +Mark Mahoney
      “I put my arms around him… yes I said yes I will Yes.” Last line in

      I love how it works on multiple levels as a joke. Trump’s speech was
      basically a stream of consciousness and it’s June 16th– Bloomsday.

    • Mark Mahoney says:

      +kiramiq aw man I missed that, when did he reference Ulysses?

  10. David No says:

    I think doing bits on Youtube is a good idea to try out new ideas while you
    find the soul of the Late Show. Political Satire is a good way to go, but
    this bit is not as tight as your usual stuff. You jump back and forth from
    a Trump accent to your normal speech.

  11. Kate Gallagher says:

    Hahaha that hair.

  12. Spencer Trumbore says:

    Waaay too flat, monotone, BORING. don’t understand why he’s doing the Trump
    accent if he’s talking *about* Trump, but not outright imitating him. This
    was tedious to watch, and I’m a fan. Hope Colbert sticks to his own style
    in the future, the last 3 videos (and 10 years) were hysterical.

  13. BoonceTV says:

    Loving these videos on the way to your show. Especially since things like
    Trump’s announcement won’t be so topical in September.

  14. phsopher says:

    Is anyone else starting to think that the comedic value of a Trump
    presidency outweighs the damage of him destroying the country? Gotta go out
    some time, why not go out laughing?

  15. communistjesus says:

    THE COLBERT NATION IS STILL ALIVE IN 2016.. Just on a different network…
    I am a PROUD citizen of the Colbert nation for some years now…

  16. jeff4justice says:

    No more 2 party system.