Ant Apocalypse Stopped by a Rhino Beetle

Ant Apocalypse Stopped by a Rhino Beetle

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This is the biggest, most tragic disaster in the history of the ‘Antiverse’, my Ant Room – a mass #AntApocalypse! Millions of my pet Yellow Crazy Ants, a supercolony known as the Golden Empire, has been struck with a mysterious plague that appeared out of nowhere, culling their numbers to a weakened few. In this video, we find out what exactly has been killing the ants, as well as, a possible hopeful solution through an #experiment using one of our cherished #RhinoBeetles, newcomers to the Antiverse. Hope you enjoy this week’s ant video. Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution.

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61 Responses

  1. GDmITE , says:

    You should have Zeus, Poseidon, and Apollo all live in a Terrarium called mount Olympus, with perfect weather, and Apollo’s voice recorded and playing 24 7 like the real myth

  2. Eadragonixius says:

    after fully exterminating the parasitic mite u should try to add some more queens in just in case if like 2-4 of the queens died out ………………. FRIKKING MITE SCREW U

  3. birdboy 46 says:

    If this works, then I think that Apollo deserves to have his own terrarium like the winner of the beetle games

  4. One does not simply says:

    Guess you could call it the ant-pocalypse, huh?

    I’ll, uh… see myself out.

  5. Road King Classic says:

    Great to hear you found a solution! All of us are hoping it works, and population grows. In the video you showed concerning mite evolution, you (and we) were releived that they had detached from the ants and evolved into their next life cycle phase. Each phase has an approximate time, or is triggered by seasonal change, and no themites seem to have changed to the paracitic phase. Just to be prepared for the future (and interesting info for us), document and show how long it has taken them to turn paracitic or what seasonal change has happened, or other factors are involved, so you know when to have those beetle mites ready and save those ants! Ant love forever, know what I’m sayin, what I’m sayin

  6. Decoy says:

    ACAnswer Of the week – You chose Apollo to participate in our Experiment was because Apollo is the Greek God of Healing, medicine and Plague! (I’ve Been subbed since the fire, golden and black knights love the content!)

  7. DIOV says:

    i’m not crying, theirs just an ant in my eye

  8. zkyroni says:

    The Permian-Triassic Extinction period killed almost all life on Earth, but life persevered.
    The Great Comet wiped out all the Dinosaurs, but species like mammals, insects and bird survived and propagate.
    The Black Death in the middle ages devastated the Human population, but didn’t wipe Humanity off.
    Destructive Human Activity, such as mass killings, habitat destruction, introduction of pests and diseases, over History have decimated or destroyed a number of Human Races and Many Animal Species, yet some of them survived the horrors, some with the help of the knowledge to preserve and protect them.
    Empires come and go… An Empire has fallen, long gone from its former glory, yet what is left there is hope. These are the survivors, it is in your hands to save them, help them rebuild a new Empire …and then make a GREAT COMEBACK. I wish your mission well.

  9. MOO Gaming says:


  10. Arno De Pauw says:

    I have an alternate suggestion to at least secure the continued excistance of the Golden Empire.
    If i were you, i would collect one (mite-free) queen of the 8, and put it in quarantine. That way part of the Empire will be left even if the experiment fails and every other ant perishes.

    I hate to be that guy, but if you agree with this idea (which im sure a lot of you dont), could you please like this comment so Mikey can see it and that it has support? Thanks!

    • Ghoulish Theories says:

      I’m really hoping Mikey already did this. It was almost like foreshadowing in this video. I can’t see him NOT doing it tbh. It was the first thought I had. Collect all the queens (even if it’s only 1.) that is mite-free, and pretty much restart the colony, and then after several months, maybe introduce another couple queens/workers and try to grow them back into a super colony again. This is my favorite ant colony on the channel for sure.
      #LongLiveTheGoldenEmpire #ApolloBreakTheirCurse

    • Michalange pierrecanel says:

      I agree

    • Arno De Pauw says:

      Kriss Nulgath well, it would mean separating the only known healthy queens from the rest of the colony, and if the others have mites thats a death sentence for that part of the colony

    • Gabriela says:

      I hope he does this just in case.

  11. Natalie Finck says:

    I love how your passion for the ants shows through. You speak clearly, are informative and educational and your videography is fantastic. I also love that your background music stays in the background and doesn’t compete with your voice. I thoroughly enjoy your channel and never thought I could get so fascinated by ants. Anyone making videos can learn a lot from you! Please keep up the great work. Fingers and toes crossed for the Golden Empire.

  12. amsayyy says:

    I don’t keep Ants, but I keep bees. This autumn I came upon a bee keepers worst nightmare, so I know how you’re feeling.

    I opened my boxes to one of my hives completely gone. Over the course of a week and half, they had split, swarmed, and the remainder of the colony had been pushed out by wax moths. It had happened so soon, and I knew something was wrong when I opened the lid and saw no bees. And then another. Until I saw none. The area was scattered with more dead bees than normal, and bottom board was over run with wax moth larvae, the bottom board full of webbing.

    I broke down into tears, suit and smoker in hand, hot and sweaty from the sun and panic. My heart shattered and I felt so bad and I still feel so bad. My box is visible from my window and it’s still there and it makes me tear up sometimes. I can’t help but think of all the things I did wrong. I can only hope they found a place and survived the winter and will thrive in whatever new home they made for themselves. There wasn’t enough bodies to say the entire colony died, so they left.

    Here’s hoping they’re living their best little bee lives. ❤️

  13. Tbone1178 says:

    “Wow, this colony is doing fantastic!”

    *Mites have joined the server*

  14. Egg Egg egg says:

    Well done on 8 on trending so happy 4 u 🙂

  15. Vortex William says:

    Apollo is also the god of light and the sun perfect for being the one to save the golden empire

  16. Steven Carias says:

    Trending on #4 in usa

  17. Wndr Gmng says:

    Congratz AC for the Trending Spot!!

  18. existingevil says:

    Bro! You’re trending!

  19. Scott MacLean says:

    #6 on trending nice job @AntsCanada

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