Anthem Official Cinematic Trailer (2018)

Anthem Official Cinematic Trailer (2018)

On a world left unfinished by the gods, humanity struggles to survive in a savage environment. Equipped with incredible Javelin exosuits, a faction known as the Freelancers seeks to tip the balance in mankind’s favor.

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58 Responses

  1. Mida_Abyss says:

    we have to wait and see how good of a game it is…trailers is nothing..just hyped!

  2. Jakob Finke says:

    I hope, you know, what you are doing Bioware… I’m not saying, that it looks bad, which it really does not, but that they can not allow themselves another tragedy like with Mass Effect Andromeda. So, let’s wait and hope, it turns out epic!

  3. Lone Wolf✌ says:

    upgraded Destiny with Muse. This game looks pretty good so far. Hope the don’t screw it up.

  4. DR4MO says:

    MUSE I LOVE YOU !!!!

  5. HOTLILPAPI says:

    Eh im sure everyone worked hard on this but dude im just like so so about it…rip bioware *(just a edit)* am i hyped no… do i want it to fail hell no ..buuut lets just wait an see

    • Frankie Pollock says:

      HOTLILPAPI well although bioware isn’t as great as it once was I for one still enjoy andromeda and inquisition Which personally I believe that die hard fans got too sensitive over and ruined it for the devs who made the games and the fans who enjoyed it (thanks to those dicks bioware thinks no one likes andromeda so they stopped supporting it with updates and dlc) not all companies stay with the same crew people have to realise that and that biowares new staff need a morale boost and a little more help from fans to help them find their comfort zone and deliver a game both the fans and the devs can be proud of but of course die hard fans of the old crew have completely threw them off and thanks to them EA thought it was because the games were bad when really it was just blind hate towards something that people had faaaar to high expectations off from people who weren’t in the old crew.

    • Frankie Pollock says:

      BusterLegacyFF7 mate you see how much sales EA lost due to battlefronts backlash ffs they obviously lose money. They invest it in and expect a big cut obviously that didn’t happen and they lose profit duh basic fukin business practices by publisher you don’t think the game company has all the money do you? Thought that was common sense

    • Frankie Pollock says:

      BusterLegacyFF7 I don’t “think the publisher loses money” it’s a goddam fact invest in money get big cut if product does well which it didn’t which means no profit 😔😔😔

    • Frankie Pollock says:

      HOTLILPAPI uh I’m getting my info from EAs sales from last year…. it was kinda a big story how tf could you not have heard

    • Crystalism says:

      Frankie Pollock they invested and to ensure their investment they usually cram microtransactions and limitations to play it safe

  6. Jane Phoenix says:

    Please Bioware i have hope in you

  7. Grinddor says:

    Well, the question on my mind is: Do I have to play as a woman? In a BioWare game I expect to be able to choose. Not just customize the mechs, but also the char I am playing.

    • Rachel Moon says:

      I didn’t play Assassin’s Creed Unity but I assume you play a premade character. In most Bioware games (at least all of thir recent games) you customize your character so I don’t see why they’d change that for this game, especially when they have a focus on multiplayer. It seems like there’s still character interaction in single player like possible romances with companions so they wouldn’t force you into one gender for that. They’d be alienating half of their audience.

    • Grinddor says:

      I see your point and you are also right about that. But so far they haven’t even said anything about companions, which also leaves room for assumption, that there are none. Making this the first BioWare game with no choice in character and no companions. Well, that’s at least what the worst case would be. However as long as the game hasn’t been released, or any specific answer isn’t given, I will stay hopeful and assume that those kind of things, actually are in the game. 🙂

    • S M says:

      Grinddor dude i ran around in recore as a girl, no one will know…. lol

    • Rachel Moon says:

      I assumed there’d be companions because one of the other E3 videos for the game mentioned “companionship” as being a theme of the game (maybe he meant real life companions/friends?) and that there’d be characters you interact with at your hub in story mode, but I looked into it more and it looks like there will be no AI party members and no romance but there will be a character creator according to this video:

    • Grinddor says:

      Well I also play in Mass Effect or SWTOR as a female character every now and then, but I’d still appreciate having a choice in the matter, you know.

  8. Gary NeoGunzeus Malmgren says:

    DESTINY: THE AVATAR EFFECT (mass effect/avatar/destiny…made alien babies)

  9. Chedrick Proshe says:

    No Loot boxes or Microtransactions confirmed on Anthem. Gameplay looked solid. I’m sold. I’m Buying as soon as it’s available for pre-order and yes I will be going all out on this game. Please don’t disappoint me like Destiny 1 did half way through year of its release.

    • Chedrick Proshe says:

      I’m usually against preordering now a days due to the increase of disappointing out comes of promises on most games. But this looks like this might be chance of a life time to actually play game that devs actually put the time and energy into. I feel like they might actually have listened to we want. I think that this game might be well worth the money.

    • GamingSage says:

      you just know they are going to add them after the game launch and people bought the game

    • AODSocieties says:

      Chedrick Proshe If a game is good these days I’ll just buy it after release I refuse to pre order anything

      Just too much destiny 2 style nonsense going about

    • Crystalism says:

      AODSocieties borderlands 3

    • Professor Snuggles says:

      No, they said there will be Microtransactions. Just not lootbox microtransactions.

      They said all microtransactions will show what item you are buying up front.

      (You see an item you like, you buy it. Just like that.)

  10. Punish - Latest Gameplay Trailers! says:

    Official Anthem Gameplay on my page!

  11. BadDog Gaming says:

    Muse!!!!! I got the song from the first notes !!! The song is called uprsing for those who are wondering 🙂 But it sounds like a remix that they did for the trailer I think.

  12. Сергей Карчевский says:

    I heard here “muse – uprising”, or am I mistaken?

  13. Mighty EVILOSERUN says:

    Anthem 2 will try to fix Anthem’s errors and will fail. There, i said it…

  14. Cold Coffee Gamer says:

    To be critically honest, the story so far is coming across as really bland and uninspired.

  15. BlurBerry Creative says:

    Wow Muse. Got me sold Bioware.

  16. iPoxy says:

    I’m fan of Muse and I was so surprised when heard it, just amazing.

  17. thekingdomofrobloxia Ign says:

    This looks like a movie trailer 😯

  18. Darude Sandstorm says:

    I like the look of it, please don’t screw this up EA, it can be good.

  19. Jo King says:

    Hype =/= Quality Game. Don’t Feed the Greed machine; patience.

  20. AaronCF says:

    0:45 Superhero landing

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