Anthony Davis will be a Laker either via trade or free agency – Stephen A. | First Take

Anthony Davis will be a Laker either via trade or free agency – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Will Cain all agree that New Orleans Pelicans’ Anthony Davis denying that the Boston Celtics weren’t on his list means nothing as they expect him to eventually be a Los Angeles Laker whether it be via trade this upcoming offseason or when he hits free agency in 2020.

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96 Responses

  1. Nik Pasamba says:

    No Molly? It’s already a good day.

  2. Bearboy193 says:

    That’s the funniest joke I’ve heard all day because nobody wants to join LeBron James. ?????

    • Tin Dobranić says:

      Bearboy193 Nobody, Kyrie apologized, Davis wants to LA, and George changed his mind because of westbrook. Butler? The dude that thinks he should have his own team but cant win? Oh yea. If the Lakers get nobody this offseason, then you can start with this narrative, but until then shut you dumbass up

    • Mon Gu Son says:

      King SwitchBlade Lmao Guaranteed ? Have u been watching this season

    • apson1 says:

      Kung Lao prove me wrong you ignorant fuck.

      If no one wants to play with Lebron how tf he had superteams for 5+ years.

    • Tin Dobranić says:

      apson1 he probably forced Adam Silver to make all stars play with him. Thats what kind of answer you’ll get from these dumb fucks. Like who would want to play with a guy that gets you easier shots…

  3. wweecwwcwtnanba1928 says:

    The media will do anything they can for another star to join lebron in LA

    • Reed Jenkins says:

      +DoubleD Grg exactly they will get an allstar free agent this Summer then AD July 2020

    • Jay James says:

      Yea,the media made Anthony Davis wanna be a laker y’all even think about what y’all typing ?or u just see somebody else say it,and think it will get u likes..even if that was the case,LeBron ain’t allowed to get help lol ?

    • Glen Howarth says:

      Let’s not gloss over franchises colluding to NOT trade with LA. Let’s not gloss over T-Mac and Pierce sabotaging via media any hope of fair trade.

    • Richy Rich says:

      Chief so it’s cool to push for a AD trade to the Lakers? They aren’t mentioning any other team. Just the Lakers because lebron is there

    • Richy Rich says:

      YoungFuture Supreme blame your “King” jumping from team to team recruiting. Oh yea, and having the media push trade ideas for him

  4. Ryan Hollins says:

    Never fear Lakers fans! I, Ryan Hollins (NBA superstar and top tier analyst), have decided to come out of retirement to play for the Lakers! #Lakers2020Champs #RyanHollinsFinalsMVP

  5. Patrick Bateman says:

    LeSPN back at it ! Watch the NBA and ESPN try to help the Lakers and destroy the Celtics

    • Dafelle Roscoe says:

      even when the video is about toilet paper yall mention Lebron James

    • Meltin John says:

      +Nathan G As a celtics fan, I dont like Danny Ainge anymore. The Kyrie trade did it in for me. I wanted him gone ever since and thought it was a waste of a pick to get him. So ya watch him move Tatum and someone else good. Danny is worse than Rick Pitino. He only got ONE title trading all his young talent for old stars as well so.. hes always wanted stars, he just couldnt get all these younger stars before but now that he can, he will move anyone he can. I also am starting not to like Brad Stevens too much either.

    • J James says:

      Meltin John ainge has never traded a player he’s drafted anywhere near tatums caliber. Ainge makes safe trades. he would be taking the biggest risk of his career if he traded Tatum. I don’t think he will do it

    • Mo Issa says:

      +Meltin John 2007-08 season when Kevin McHale said to ainge don’t trade al jefferson and he did, He got KG rondo, ray Allen and made a champ squad in just a year and they win 2008 chip. They could have 3 peated but injuries and guys getting old.

  6. Michael Brand says:

    Will Cain is so much better than Molly

  7. MrRay says:

    In 2020 won’t Lebron be 36 and on his 18th season?? It’ll be too late lol

  8. EliteFlite says:

    ESPN, please understand that y’all WANT Anthony Davis to be a Laker. Everyone knows that it’s not happening since Boston clearly has more trade assets than LA.

    Stop supporting and start reporting please

    ~ A Thunder Fan

    • David Muller says:

      +strawhats100 then why did he sign with his favorite player’s agent? why did he request a trade a year and a half early? why are all reports indicating that he really want’s to go to LA despite everything he said on TV Saturday?

    • David Muller says:

      +Green Machine Russell Westbrook never wanted to go to the Lakers lmao, and Paul George literally came out and said he didn’t go there because they didn’t trade for him so it didn’t feel like they wanted him THAT bad, they’ve shown that they are willing to do whatever is necessary to get AD… he wouldn’t have just signed with Lebron’s agent for no reason smart ass

    • Wayne Hasch says:

      Boston has more now but N.O. will have a new GM plus Lakers now have additional time to acquire assets. They may be in the lottery now for a high draft pick.

    • Tra vis says:


    • stephensmith22 says:

      Going to the lakers is a bad move. Lechoke is old and the team roster is garbage. Lebron davis and who else….kwame brown? You aint winning with those two players with no shooters.

  9. LA Clippers says:

    If LeBron averages a triple double in the Finals, the media proclaims him as The GOAT. If Westbrook averages a triple double for two seasons, he’s a stat-padder that will never win a ring! The hypocrisy! ?

  10. Mr.E says:

    I feel like uve seen this title before…?

    Oh yea I’ve seen this same topic like a thousand times from ESPN ?

  11. Nolay Austin says:


  12. Thomas Gerber says:

    Paul George will be a Laker either via a trade or free agency…

  13. j0epark1 says:

    I think Stephen A wants AD on the Lakers more than he wants his hairline back.

  14. Andre Ingram aka DJ Screw RIP says:

    Just like Paul George, right? And he’s from LA!

    • d w3 says:

      +Rick Sanchez Sanchez who the fucc asked you if i want some street tacos I’ll notify u

    • d w3 says:

      +Newton O 20-25min r u serious?? Palmdale is an hour away from the valley let alone the city of L.A. smfh u definitely don’t know what u talkn bout I’m done!!??????????????????????????????????

    • Adam 818lakers says:

      +Newton O not far at all a HR drive Palmdale Lancaster suck everything’s too far apart

    • Kushy says:

      Palmdale isn’t considered in LA at all, it’s just in the County. I was born in Glendora which is LA county not the city. But I lived in Hawthorne which is 15 to 20 minutes away from Downtown LA before moving out to the Inland Empire region but Palmdale isn’t considered to be in LA it’s just in the County which is an hour away from the city. No need to call every city LA.

    • Aaron Shamburger says:

      d w3 I think u meant antelope Valley hospital not Apple valley. Different part of the desert

  15. AAL says:

    no molly????
    best trio in debate history???????
    no school!!!!!!
    today’s a good day?

  16. Laker Dodger Cowboy Gang says:

    Too many loyal laker fans in LA for the clippers to ever be big boy brand they’ll have band wagon fans like lob city did but where are they now???

  17. D E says:

    SAS pushing everyone to the Lakers. He’s like a Lakers employee at this point.

    • Daniel Williams says:

      D E Actually he’s promoting the narrative clutch sports and AD want him too. The point is to make a trade anywhere else less attractive so no other team offers more than the Lakers. Do you think the Celtics will give up Tatum on the hope they can convince AD to stay? That’s the type of uncertainty AD and clutch sports want to put in the mind of other teams.

    • Kenneth Harrison says:

      that’s funny coming from a supposed die-hard knicks fan

    • TheTlewis3074 says:

      No, at this point he is a Lebron “dingleberry”

  18. KL Chambers says:

    He will be a LAKER. So haters can just get on through!

  19. h3h3 h3 says:

    Espn will go out of business when lebron retires

    • Jason Barnes says:

      Don’t be so sure about that… They already ride the Zion Williamson roller-coaster… Also Luka Doncic has been quite their favorite this season, despite their ignoring on draft night…

    • Fluffysaurus says:

      nah they’ll just start overhyping some other young player

  20. Valin says:

    Can we fine ESPN for tampering?

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