Anti-Anti-Vaxxers | April 3, 2019 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

Anti-Anti-Vaxxers | April 3, 2019 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

The Anti-vaxx movement is bringing long eliminated diseases back into fashion, but the teens are way ahead of the trend. Ethan Lindenberger takes Sam back to school.

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61 Responses

  1. Farhan Anwar says:

    “Autistic people aren’t worse than a pandemic” so true

    • Jessica Seeger says:

      Farhan Anwar it is a pandemic.

    • We are all connected says:

      Oliver Quinn.. You COULD be brain damaged from high fever or sterile, or get spinal meningitis,or suffer crippling effects of polio, or have organs damaged, or die, or……infinity and beyond…OR you could have a form of autism that MAY be a part of our evolutionary progress, or a result of toxins found in EVERYTHING we ingest. Btw…never met an autistic cat or dog. Just healthy or UNhealthy ones!

    • Ralph Boyd says:


      I believe you need help from mental health professionals.

  2. DeadlyMargiKarp223 says:

    People basically call anything they don’t want to hear “fake news” despite the evidence to the country. Calling credible scientific evidence “fake news” is worse and vaccine denial is just one example.

  3. Altair 21 says:

    Climate change deniers, Flat Earthers, Anti-Vaxxers, what’s next?

  4. Claudy TheArtist says:

    Feels like we are going back to the Stone Age…

  5. Kim R says:

    “Maybe it is bad to get diseases from the middle ages” ??? ??

    • Pia Nyström says:

      I will get you the full on reply: More people than ever before are being diagnosed with an ASD. It is unclear exactly how much of this increase is due to a broader definition of ASD and better efforts in diagnosis. However, a true increase in the number of people with an ASD cannot be ruled out. Plotkin himself testified under oath that there are no studies proving that vaccines do not cause autism.+Jane K

    • Gaboon Viper says:

      +Pia Nyström Also a reason why we may be getting more exotic diseases and/or disorders: Cause we don’t die from the common ones.

  6. Amy Sternheim says:

    Anti-vaxx jokes never get old.
    Anti-vaxx children never get old either.

    • jar josh says:

      +Douglas Latham Theres a lot of idiots that think just like him.

    • Chris Rice says:

      +Douglas Latham I have my own anecdote. I caught chickenpox about a year before the vaccine was released. I still have the scars on my face but that wasn’t a big deal. About 16 years later the virus woke up again and I got shingles in my right arm and side. That one caused permanent nerve damage that, once in a while, still causes shooting pain in my arm. The virus stays in your system and could flare up more than once. I hope it never flares up for you. I wouldn’t wish that pain on anyone.

    • Douglas Latham says:

      Something for all the pro-vaxers ,who have answered my posts in various ways, to think about. Among the names provided are : Patrick Munro, Strigidae Strigiformes, Sisu Guillam, Dustin, Andrew Bises, Bleank Dallas, and foogly84.
      Sorry if I missed anyone. Now contemplate this.

      America is, right now, in the middle of an epidemic that has killed thousands of ppl every year for over a decade.
      This epidemic is called “The Opioid Epidemic”.
      It has been instigated by pharmaceutical companies in the pursuit of profits over the health and welfare of people. Backed up by doctors who have willingly over prescribed these drugs.
      The same pharmaceutical companies are making vaccines, and the same doctors are promoting the use of them.
      I’m really not convinced by your FAITH, that this time those same people have the health and welfare of the population at the forefront of their considerations with the non stop introduction of more vaccines. They may well be just ensuring the population becomes dependent on pharmaceuticals for health outcomes their entire life.

  7. Andrew Hall says:

    She’s 50? Where is she hiding the Fountain of Youth?

  8. Lin Phillips says:

    Ethan’s a good sport. 🙂

  9. Jean Roch says:

    I swear, the team who makes those Photoshopped pictures of Sam Bee must feel like they have the best job in the world : who else has a boss who pays you to make caricatures of them ?

  10. Priscilla Ferrari says:

    Autistic person here! THANK YOU!

    • Priscilla Ferrari says:

      +Shade Bleu I’m autistic, I have an official dyagnosis, and I’m also a professional writer. I have two books published and more on the way. You can look me up on google. I write in spanish, though, english is not my first language, I’m from Argentina.

      You need to read more about what autism is. It’s a fascinating condition that have lots of different symptoms (that’s why it’s called “spectrum”). You can ask me if you want.

    • fes ter says:

      +Priscilla Ferrari Oh, you’re an official writer? Cool! Could I ask the names of tour books? I’m curious

    • Steve23415 says:

      Me too

  11. Emil Sørensen says:

    Thanks for saying autism isn’t worse than dying painfully.

    • jar josh says:

      +samekh82 bad analogy

    • MonkeyShaman says:

      +jar josh and I’m sure we’ll find a way to survive at least a few dozen more despite people like you getting lockjaw. Who knows, if there are enough of you the US might actually be forced into socialized Healthcare just to keep their ailing taxpayers alive.

    • NeroArrow PL says:

      Emil Sørensen love how these antivaxxers are so quick to not vaccinate their kid but then go on to circumcise them, as if thats any better

    • jar josh says:

      +MonkeyShaman Maybe you’ll comprise your immune systems and become dependent on vaccines for any kind of immunity. Then one day a mutation occurs and the scientist youve chosen to play god wont be able to create a vaccine in time and those with comprised immune systems suffer a swift epidemic.
      Who knows. Humans have existed a longer without vaccines then with them. We havent been using them long enough to know the long term effects and how it will effect the evolution of the immune system.
      We’re praticaptimg in a long term expirement.

  12. Korey Edleys says:

    This reminds me, I need a tetanus booster… and probably several other vaccines

  13. FlowerofDissolution says:

    The moment this fine young man realized his parents didn’t know what they were doing, was the moment he became a man in his own right! Good for him.

  14. FlowerofDissolution says:

    “Now let’s go out winning that football game singing competition!” I never laughed so hard. It was a curve ball. XD

  15. mx5hong says:

    Jonas Salk must be rolling over in his grave. And he be like: “why did I f***in’ bother…”

  16. Jerakeen SA says:

    This movement wouldn’t exist if POLIO was still a thing.

    • Rick Ton says:

      +Ollie B because polio is a good thing amiritie?

    • Ollie B says:

      +Rick Ton “because polio is a good thing amiritie?”
      Nope – because the anti-vaccine-movement wouldn’t exist if Polio was still around.
      Learn to read, learn to comprehend – then comment.

    • EC Marks says:

      As a baby boomer who actually had measles, mumps and rubella … it was miserable! I still remember the itching, aching and pain. And polio was a real scare. Happily got vaccines when they were finally developed and still get vaccines today. No way do I want shingles since I had chicken pox as a child too. To me anti-vaxxers are short-sighted.

    • fbabdiver says:

      or leprocy

  17. Lara López says:

    Anti-vaxxers prefer dead kids than autistic ones and that’s just sick

  18. Dustin says:

    This poor kid has to deal with educating Congress and his freaking mother at a time in his life when he should be making out under the bleachers and worrying over college admissions. This is the real national emergency.

  19. New Message says:

    “I don’t believe…I feel like… I feel like…”

    Facts are not subject to your feelings, and illness doesn’t care about your beliefs.

  20. babydollgoddess says:

    “Don’t treat Autistic people like their existence is worse than a pandemic.”
    I love you forever for that!!!
    Sincerely, a woman on the spectrum with two kids on the spectrum ?

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