Anti-Trump protester tackled while delivering speech in the Ohio Union

Anti-Trump protester tackled while delivering speech in the Ohio Union

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20 Responses

  1. NinjaOcre62 says:

    In Trump America Waldo finds you

  2. Jack says:

    Haha SHAME SHAME SHAME, we got em good ladies, he’s sure to rethink his
    whole life now that a group of undesirables shamed him. On another note,
    he’s probably mentally handicapped.

  3. Ima WreckU says:


  4. CoreyInDaHouse says:

    There’s Waldo

  5. Vitamin C Kills Implanted Alien Hybrid Embryos says:

    even retards aren’t buying it

  6. Quang Phamdo says:

    “Shave, Shave, Shave , Shave”

  7. Jordan Melby says:

    shame! shame! shame! lmao bwhahahaha

  8. hurrdurr25 says:


    Lol the nu males ironic cap flies off

  9. Bayan1905 says:

    Best sack I have seen all season.

  10. loren lolita says:

    He looks like somebody with Down’s syndrom

  11. YouCantHoldOnTooLong says:

    Retarded Freddy Kruger tackled the guy with the megaphone. The security
    guards grabbed him and were taking him away to burn him alive. However,
    that’s not very smart because he will then invade their nightmares wearing
    that same shirt but a different hat which is dark and scuzzy looking and a
    glove with knives on the fingers!


  12. The Nomad says:

    So many GOT fans lol

  13. Marcus Antonius says:

    Colleges, the only place in the world, where you come out dumber than you
    went in.

  14. Barclay Hinson says:

    Turns out he was an autistic Hillary Clinton supporter…… Whoops!

  15. hammer-to-jezebel says:

    Why can’t the police react this quick to violent protesters reacting to
    Trumps win?

  16. AROD2287 says:

    Breaking News: The Cleveland Browns has signed this man to be there new

  17. Urocyon says:

    Lol, these Libtards are now self cannibalizing. The “shame” thing is also
    ridiculous, goes to show how brainwashed they are, like those peeps on Game
    of Thrones.

  18. guy3480 says:

    can both sides chill the fuck out PLEASE!?! I dont wanna see people beat up
    for voting trump or getting tackled for voting hillary. CHILL!

  19. Adnan Khan says:

    Funny how the media hardly mentions when Trump supporters are attacked

  20. Anon1993 says:

    lmao y’all are fuckin wackos. I’m moving to Mars tomorrow.