Anti-war protests break out across Russia

Anti-war protests break out across Russia

NBC’s Matt Bodner joins Shep Smith to report from Moscow on what he’s hearing about Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine inside Russia.

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59 Responses

  1. Queen says:

    Respect to the people who were protesting against Putin’s actions.

    • MVPG13 says:

      @Jay 22 Russia killed Afghan civilians as well. What’s your point? Russia claims Ukrainians to be Russian, and then attacked them. The United States and Canada weren’t calling Afghanistan, or Iraq their brothers or sisters..

    • Thilo Manten says:

      Exactly, because in Russia one is free to critisize thos in power –> and afterwards free to die in GULAG or Hepatitis-C infested prison

    • Ethan Weeter says:

      @Jay 22 No they aren’t. Quit fanning for Putin. They are attacking Ukrainian civilians. Putin does not care who he kills to get his way.

    • Ethan Weeter says:

      @Robert Hsieh Should it matter? Many Russians live in Ukraine. They do not want Ukraine back so much they do not care about their own people. Putin is invading a sovereign nation and deserves to be treated like a free country, not a part of the Russian Federation.

    • prasant borah says:

      Shamless putin

  2. Moral E. says:

    My heart goes out to all those Ukrainians who’d been affected by this act, and to all the good Russians who stand in opposition to any instances of further escalation. This is the fault of bigwigs, not the people as a whole.

    • Ethan Weeter says:

      @Strange Sightings Putin invaded Ukraine without any cause. Russians are being treated better in Ukraine then they are in Russia.

    • Ethan Weeter says:

      @Dario Krajcar Go pound Middle Eastern and African sand. Many of those countries brought death and destruction upon themselves with dictatorships.

    • Ethan Weeter says:

      I think most Russians hate Putin, but they are suppressed from expressing opposing views. All his political opponents have been thrown in jail or murdered, so that tells you their elections are sham elections.

    • Strange Sightings says:

      @Thuy Nguyen Putin never had anyone assassinated.The Ukrainian President has. Killing his opponents here we go you people have no idea what’s really happening just live in your bubble and believe the media and the lies. Your the very same people who believed the government was telling the truth about covid. Small minded individuals you are.
      The very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common – they don’t change their views to fit the facts. They change the facts to fit their views.

    • Hagz Tanz says:

      This is what will happen when the people ruling a government is stuck with communism mentality wherein all the freedom, liberty, property and pursuit of happiness belongs to the rulers and spoiled minions only.

  3. Chance Harper says:

    My heart goes out to those in Ukraine and the ones in Russia who don’t want this. So sad

    • Ethan Weeter says:

      I think many Russians do not want war with their friends in Ukraine. Many Russians are Ukrainian and Vice Versa. What is sad is how the protestors are being treated.

    • Oliver Twist says:

      @D W Maybe if peope recognised how bad it was, He wouldn’t have to keep repeating it.

    • Trapping on thy block says:

      @Edgar Barraca I guess so hey if your words behind a keyboard say that then must b true!

    • D W says:

      @John Calvin broken record much?

    • P says:

      Warning from Holy Bible to Humans:- The time is fulfilled and the kingdom of God is at hand, please repent from all your sins before Lord Jesus Christ, thou shalt be saved and thy family members from eternal Hell to eternal Heaven Amen 🙏🙏🙏

  4. MediaSector says:

    Our hearts are with you, Ukrainian defenders and Russian protesters. Stay strong. And yes, we do very much wish we the small people could do more to help you right now.

    • Ethan Weeter says:

      I would gladly take up arms against Russia if allowed.

    • ESPARTAN says:


    • Pielie 050 says:

      “small people” can do allot. A country or president is nothing without the support of its people.

    • Krak Head says:

      Cops are good only when they stop protests that I disagree with 🇺🇸🇺🇳🇨🇦

    • Hagz Tanz says:

      This is what will happen when the people ruling a government is stuck with communism mentality wherein all the freedom, liberty, property and pursuit of happiness belong to the rulers and spoiled minions only.

  5. joselito jacosalem says:

    Prayers for the people of Russia 🇷🇺 and Ukraine 🇺🇦

  6. Pat Bateman says:

    Respect for the citizens of Russia, and positive thoughts going out for the people of Ukraine.

  7. AUGUSTUS says:

    Salute to the people of russia join the protest against war!!!✌

    • Vishwanath Raju says:

      @Vinod Ramluckan im ready to fight for Russia

    • Vishwanath Raju says:

      @Никита М. Russia had valid point to protect their people in north east ukrain. Every time uk and us will try to divide Russia like we have seen in many attempts. And same thing us did for many countries like Iran syria and afghan too …

    • Vishwanath Raju says:

      @Marcelline Choisne May Many Africa and Asian countries supporting Russia. You have not seen Kenya UN ambassador speech in un assembly 😀😀😀
      If it’s not shown in news you don’t think everyone opposing Russia 😀😀😀
      Every one knows who is controlling western media

    • Vishwanath Raju says:

      @D W will keep it you enjoy the war

    • Vishwanath Raju says:

      @Roy Johnson it’s because of uk and some European countries poking into other countries and politics in Europe is the main reason for war not to blame Russia or Ukrain

  8. Joy says:

    you guys are brave. Don’t give up

    • GameRatYT says:

      @Kyng Wagak Biden said that he would not send a single soldier to Ukrainian.

    • Edgar Barraca says:

      @Lana dont be ignorant even you are any ethnicity on your blood part or living in territory of other nation you must think and consider citizen of that country for your children will be assimilatefd and loses ethnicity being now citizen of host country how about half of your aging life living there,except you want or traditionally exist of which the govt or other people do the thinking what happen to your life or lives only on govt. doleouts subsidies in exchange forgetting your rights,that hindrance living in a country who wants you to work a living is hell becuz you live a dull and lazy life what a sorrowful existence mindset

    • Edgar Barraca says:

      @Ramry De Castro Ukraine situation was fatally dangerous while Hongkong was oblerated democracy they Hongkong and Ukraine have one thing in common suffers suppression of liberty and humanity will to exists with freedom to live happily,but was leashed with.iron chains in their necks slavery to totalitarian communists Demons who survived the world to destroy every human existence…..

  9. Cat C says:

    These are incredibly brave Russian protesters who are risking their lives to stand up for what’s right and say no to war. All 1700 of the arrested protesters are heroes. ☮️🕊

  10. Frances Simon says:

    My heart goes out to Ukraine people were ever you all are may God continue to guide you all Putin will meet his Maker soon wicked man

    • Luc jacobson says:

      @Ethan Weeter I have “NO” SYMPATHY for Putin, that’s a FACT. But you REALLY need to STUDY History to make such a “CLAIM”.

    • Ethan Weeter says:

      @Luc jacobson Trust me, Putin is not better than Stalin, Hitler, Mao, or Mussolini.

    • Rima Bahar says:

      @Luc jacobson yeah so what does Venezuela have to do with Ukraine and Europe? Nothing. That’s why your comments make no sense at all. If you don’t live in Europe, you don’t even know proper facts, why are you spitting out these comments that sound right for people without a brain but have no substance whatsoever?

    • Luc jacobson says:

      @Rima Bahar happy for you and your Country. No guessing, I’m VENEZUELAN, now American CITIZEN. Left a Controlled STATE, at a RISK, to a FREE Country that seems to slowly evolving into CONTROL. Since you’ve NEVER experienced, I appreciate that response.

    • Luc jacobson says:

      @Eric Putin in HELL?? Yeah RIGHT, because YOU posted it??? Bet you don’t have any THEOLOGICAL beliefs, other when you, are or want, a NEED.

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