Antonio Brown got everything he wanted in trade to Raiders – Ryan Clark | SportsCenter

Antonio Brown got everything he wanted in trade to Raiders – Ryan Clark | SportsCenter

Ryan Clark joins SportsCenter to provide his reaction to the Pittsburgh Steelers trading Antonio Brown to the Oakland Raiders for a third and fifth-round NFL draft pick. Clark breaks down what this means for AB and the impact he is going to have with the Raiders moving forward.

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113 Responses

  1. The Future Is Here says:

    Stupid for the Steelers to let Brown control this deal. They got fleeced!
    And they’re holding the bag on over $20M in dead money?
    The Steelers are spiraling out of control. 7-9
    Both Tomlin and Big Ben will be gone within 2 years

    • Mr. Wigglynutz says:

      The Future Is Here the Steelers aren’t weak. The Steelers made a wise decision, b/c if they had kept him then nothing would’ve been accomplished. AB needed out and the Steelers had to move on. Now drafting… does drafting a “first rounder” or “second rounder” make all the difference in the world? Last I recall most “busts” come from those classes. AB was a 6 rounder, Tom Brady a 6 rounder, Juju 2nd rounder, James Harrison undrafted, Julian Edelman undrafted, Dak 4 rounder, etc.

    • tenelson3 says:

      +Mr. Wigglynutz wow…u named 5 playere…n dak is trash so he don even count. the raiders have 3 1st rd picks…u force one of those or u dont give them ab….last year they got a 3rd rounder for martavis bryant….see the point

    • tenelson3 says:

      +Jakob kell no im sorry im not wrong. your another tomlin hater n ill lay this convo to rest just like i have all the others on that note bcuz tomlin haters are the worst…and the fact u said odonnel tossed that pick on purpose makes ur other opinions all irrelevant….the steelers do not throw football games…let alone sbs. n ur a child by the way u say i lube up for tomlin….im the furthest thing from.a fanboy u can be. i speak facts. blaming tomlin is a way of saying…i just dont like mike tomlin…but have nothing else to say. steelers front office made horrible deal…n i hope ab murders us if they see us in the playoffs. we deserve it for this dumb ass trade we made

    • Jean Carlos Rivera Rodríguez says:

      +Deborah Nadolski crybaby

    • Jean Carlos Rivera Rodríguez says:

      +Brian Keating Brady was 6 rounder dumbass

  2. Yo girl calls me daddy says:

    I say he wants out by year 2

  3. Bearboy193 says:

    I still can’t see Antonio Brown in a Raiders uniform.

  4. The Future Is Here says:

    DA RAIDERS come out of this smelling like a rose!
    They have the best WR in the league. They have plenty of cap space to sign L-Bell, if they want
    And they have a Top 5 pick, and 4 picks in the Top 35 in the draft

    • Raymond Brown says:

      Jack White Or maybe one of the best in the league is what Derek Carr needs to pick him back up 3 years ago he was in MVP talks before an injury and now people talking down as if he’s having horrible seasons check his numbers that man threw for 4,000 yards without a number 1 receiver now he has one of the best smh u looking at it from a steeler fan point of view

    • kinglazer 23 says:

      They ain’t getting bell bud.

    • Jack White says:

      Raymond Brown well one I’m a pats fan. Also at one time he had two really good receivers and a good tight end and he didn’t throw for 4000 yards. Now he just lost his best lineman. AB will get around 100 catches and 954 yards

    • R2 C2 says:

      They should worry about fixing their woes on defense first. Having a juggernaut of an offense won’t get you far if there’s no defense to balance

    • Brad Roof says:

      Please sign L bell too

  5. Terry Lunsford says:

    I thought he wanted to win?

  6. Fish says:

    steeler’s got fleeced
    thery’re screwed unless juju and james conner becomes AB and Bell

    • Travan Hall says:

      Fundamental Conservative fine? With that QB no y’all won’t

    • John Daniel says:

      +Pablo E He caught 55 passes last year for nearly 500 yards in his first year as a starter. He also missed 3 games and it’s not unreasonable to think those numbers will improve especially with Brown gone. He can easily catch 60 to 70 balls a year.

    • Mark Rulis says:

      +stretch141000 Mendenhall never won a Superbowl

    • stretch141000 says:

      +Mark Rulis yes he did.

    • stretch141000 says:

      +Mark Rulis willie parker may have still been the main back but mendenhall was on the team he was drafted in 08. I believe he played a bigger role when they lost vs GB though.

  7. J. B. says:

    Ryan Clark is secretly pissed. He wanted AB to lose so badly.

  8. D B says:

    It was all about GUARANTEED ? ALL ALONG. Ben was a part of it but now the Steelers are stuck with all that ? to the cap.

  9. The Irish Italian says:

    -Everything he wanted….

    Guess he doesn’t want a ring.

    • Raymond Brown says:

      Lmaooo the Steelers wasn’t getting no ring especially without Bell and Brown they are done if ben has a bad year he’s retiring

    • Flying Spacerock says:

      Or Wins

    • Frank Heck says:

      he will cry by week 5 when Carr can’t get him the ball and Gruden will run 2 out of 3 plays lol

    • Moises De Jesus says:

      I don’t think he cares about having a ring. To me, I think all he wanted was to be the obvious #1 receiver, his money and out of Pittsburgh. That’s O.K. I would like players that want a SUPER BOWL ring every year first and foremost. The money is there for every NFL player, especially the best ones like AB. But winning the SUPER BOWL should be the #1 priority of every NFL football player and every NFL franchise. That does include the PITTSBURGH STEELERS. We need to go back to the PITTSBURGH STEELERS who are HUNGRY and STARVING to win SUPER BOWLS again and again.

    • Creator278 says:

      +John Anderson In another life time

  10. wrightterence680 says:

    All the Raiders have to do is fix the defense and get Derek Carr’s confidence back

  11. nvr2serious cc says:

    Raiders is the west coast version of the Redskins. ? always try to get big names and it doesnt pan out.

    • Sean 85 says:

      +Stephen Davis what about Randy Moss?

    • Osaji Obi says:

      +Sean 85 1. Tim Brown was a Raider from 1988-2003 so I have no idea what you’re talking about 2. Jerry Rice helped the Raiders get to the super bowl but he’s irrelevant to the conversation because I said in the past DECADE 3. Moss? Not in the past DECADE 4. Jordy isn’t a big name since he wasn’t a number 1 receiver and the price to get him wasn’t high at all 5. please get better reading comprehension skills

    • Sean 85 says:

      +Osaji Obi Brown signed with the raiders after the bucs too, Nelson was a number 1 in green bay

    • Jason Helem says:

      +Joshua Fleming lol. Cold… Blooded…

    • Stephen Davis says:

      +Sean 85 Nah Randy Moss didn’t wanna play for the Raiders that was his shit he had issues with norv Turner that’s not the Raiders fault moss was just a dick and didnt wanna play for the Raiders

  12. Moe Gunz says:

    Fleeced??? Wrong F word. But for the kids I’ll Say finessed .The Steelers paid 15 a gram.??‍♂️

  13. BBC Football Highlights says:

    they’re unless juju and james conner becomes AB and Bell

    • jay pride says:

      Juju doesnt have to be AB. He just has to be good on the field.AB wasnt always good at being good off the field. The Steelers have gotten ridof star wideouts before because of them not being good off the field even if the trade deal wasnt the best. Its worked out. I think the offense is ok we can get later round picks to help the offense be good but are defense is what we need to get right at the moment. If the defense can hold and play all night are offense will score

  14. Andrew Bruticimus says:

    If you’re a proven Great! Player you should be able to control your own destiny…#getwhatyourworth

  15. VideoSensei says:

    Jon Gruden loves vets. Joey Galloway,Tim Brown,Jerry Rice now AB.

    • p yasch says:

      Valid point.

    • Marc Amico says:

      Since when did Joey Galloway play for the Raiders? I’m a Seahawks fan and I remember Galloway and Brian Blades back in ’98-’99 (AFCW until ’01). Galloway played for Seattle,Dallas and Tampa Bay. If he did play for the Raiders,he must’ve been washed up.

    • VideoSensei says:

      I was not talking about the Raiders just Jon Gruden’s coaching career in general. It just so happens most of the players i mentioned played in Oakland. Tim Brown finished his career in Tampa too under Jon.

    • ORGULLO BORICUA#27¡¡¡ says:

      If they don’t have a QB by the start of the season AB will be a diva and will ask for a trade!!!!

    • Sergio Galindo says:

      +Marc Amico

      I think he was referring to Galloway in Tampa with Gruden!

      (I too thought the same thing you did!…since when!?)


  16. FrEddy F says:

    Antonio Brown about to rock a black visor next season so all the opposing corners can see is his blonde mustache

  17. RoSmash says:

    The Raiders have three 1st Round Picks, and Antonio Brown, Could Jon Gruden actually be winning?

  18. ProteinPapiNYC says:

    People will always find a way to hate on the raiders. Congrats for landing AB.

    • A sad falcons Fan says:

      No one hating on the raiders

    • Skip Baeless says:

      They love to hate on us

    • Fektthis says:

      +Skip Baeless I don’t hate the Raiders. I find them to funny to hate. I always get a good chuckle out of em. Good luck with that genius Gruden. lmfao. I’m sure he’ll do great things for your team like bringing in this cancer while kicking Khalil out.

  19. Jeffrey L says:

    Gruden could not control Keyshawn in Tampa. Good Luck with this one Johnny Boy.

  20. Henry Gonzalez says:

    Steeler fans: GTFO

    -all of a sudden AB is trash ?

    • Stan Plutnicki says:

      I’m a Steelers fan and there are just too many Steelers fans who simply let personal feeling cloud there judgement. Obviously Brown is still a beast. His work ethic is the real deal. He reminds me of Jerry Rice in that regard. He simply out works everyone and he most definitely because of his work ethic which is borderline compulsive if not outright compulsive that he has plenty of great years left. That being said his behavior can’t be ignored. He is literally a ticking time bomb behavior wise. I hope for the Raiders sake he is able to keep it in check. We will see….

    • Maurandis Da Radus Films VEVO says:

      +Stan Plutnicki Your a real Steeler fan…It’s just a business. Once feelings get involved and u want a player to do bad that’s when it’s a problem. Just last season when he put up 1,300 yards and 15 TDs nobody called him a monkey, selfish, cancer, diva etc etc. It wasn’t until he wasn’t happy anymore that people turned on him.

    • Comrade Dimitri Ninj says:

      @Henry Gonzalez ONLY THING TRASH ON HERE IS YOU! Prolly a fuckin dolphins fan lmao…

    • Isaac .A says:

      Henry Gonzalez Not me, I appreciate what he did for us in Pittsburgh, and I hope he has a successful career with the Raiders

    • Maurandis Da Radus Films VEVO says:

      +Comrade Dimitri Ninj nah, I been a Patriots fan since 2000 homie…Zip it…Don’t even dare try to argue wit me. Your in a no win situation.

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