Antonio Brown is being selfish, childish and petty – Stephen A. | First Take

Antonio Brown is being selfish, childish and petty – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith and Will Cain discuss Antonio Brown threatening to retire and not play one snap with the Oakland Raiders unless he is allowed to use his old helmet. #FirstTake

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49 Responses

  1. Terrance Brown says:

    Stephen A loves that word “CAPITULATE”!!

    • Iamrexdaking says:

      Terrance Brown facts! I was going to say that but decided to scroll thru the comments just in case someone said it already! Lmao

  2. 305Navi says:

    5:17 – Damn SAS gave Molly that Ja Rule treatment.

    We gonna clap back
    We gonna clap back


  3. Derrick Eubanks says:

    Got damn the look and silence on Molly face after that burn ?????

  4. Bfns 23 says:

    AB went to “The Shop” with LeBron and now he thinks he’s got Bron’s clout??? You can’t make demands like that sir, only Brady can

  5. michael davis says:

    Molly got butt hurt by that clap back. I think Stephen A. And Max not letting Molly slide and anymore with her chime ins. Lol

  6. Team America says:

    I honestly think AB never recovered from the Burfict hit. It has given him permanent brain damage.

    • Matt Gallardo says:

      The best comment

    • saintmyles says:

      definitely haven’t seen this comment on every other AB video

    • G Rod says:

      Lost all respect for will Cain. As someone who studied law he should know, waiver or not, it would be a major lawsuit if player got hurt with unapproved helmet. A good lawyer would get around any waiver. That’s why nfl will not budge

    • STR8KOP TV says:

      G Rod will caine is a journalist not lawyer you put to much faith into him reading a few legal papers in college this dude never studied law a day in his life

  7. Erik Hopkins says:

    He does say “Capitulate” a lot.
    Stephen A won this debate in his first argument.

  8. Alberto L says:

    Antonio Brown makes Odell Beckham look humble. ?

    • bigjay215 says:

      cdfu….when I saw this comment I said to myself watch all the OBJ fans come whining and complaining and run to OBJ defense….lmao. I made a smilar comment. OBJ fans are just as delusional as trump supporters…along with Lebron fans.

    • TheA1God25 says:

      Lightningstriker1 No, it’s YOU that haven’t been paying attention and just feed into whatever narrative the media puts out you fucking idiot.

    • Satvinder Grewal says:

      King Ky The media make OBJ a scapegoat

    • Seth Clark says:

      OBJ is a loser also brown and obj are a cancer to a football team

  9. Anthony S says:

    Bring back the other girl!!

  10. Jason Proctor says:

    Breaking: Antonio Brown will not attend team lunch unless his sandwich is cut into triangles with the crust cut off.

  11. Anfernee Tomlinson says:

    Molly we understand what 30 helmets means!! Why she always talking over everybody, loud ass annoying Molly

  12. human being says:

    if ESPN took the comments seriously, they would have replaced Molly. smh

  13. Cam Murray says:

    And she’s back?!?! Molly STFU AND LEAVE!!!

  14. Marty McFly says:

    SAS said “I’m the man”

    *Molly has left the chat*

  15. Jonah Trill says:

    Lmfao omg SAS finally shitted on Molly

  16. Melvin 305 says:

    Steven a is one of those guys that tried weed his first time and had to call the ambulance to tell him he’s fine.

  17. B T says:

    Breaking News: AB demands NFL convert to Nerf Footballs or he’s retiring?

  18. Molly's Unborn Child says:

    Molly is back and is dressed like she cant wait to speak to a Manager!

  19. Axel Foley says:

    5:16 WOW!!! WELCOME BACK STEPHEN A!! HE JUST ?? ON MOLLY!!! ????? Her Face Tho!!

  20. Deanz Beber says:

    AB must be bipolar or got some other issues going on in his life. Can’t believe this is all about a helmet

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