Antonio Brown RELEASED!

Antonio Brown RELEASED!

The Oakland Raiders have released wide receiver Antonio Brown.

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69 Responses

  1. Ahmed Chaibi says:

    JaMarcus Russell: IM THE WORST RAIDER EVER

    Antonio Brown: HOLD MY BEER

  2. ismael medina says:

    0:10 “obviously one of the most sought out free agents”
    Am I missing something here.? Are teams really tripping over themselves to sing AB?? Wtf

  3. PS4&Beer says:

    Bill Belichick in his dungeon rubbing his hands together like Bird Man right now.

  4. Josh B says:

    I bet Steelers fans are saying “We told you” and “Not surprised”.

  5. Daniel Brunk says:

    What does Antonio Brown, Chad Johnson, Plaxico Burress, TO, and Johnny Manziel all have in common besides being grade-A knuckleheads? All had Drew Rosenhaus as their agent. Hmmmm ?

  6. Ivan Beltran says:

    He’s locker room cancer. I’d avoid him. Good for the GM and manning up against a diva.

  7. mrcooldeadly85 says:

    Time for SB Nation to do “The Rise & Fall of AB, The Dancing Clown”

  8. Dark Knight says:

    I’ve never seen someone work so hard to prove his doubters right.. there has to be something deeper going on, this is just sad

  9. jason w says:

    Man, Antonio Brown literally imploded. There’s no way I’d sign him, he’s a nutcase at the moment.

  10. mixtele. Azul says:

    He is one of the biggest “DIVAS “in the NFL, his head got to big for his body, that’s why the Steelers let him go.

  11. Dante Sparda Ice Demon says:

    So glad the Steelers got rid of him Now the Steelers can focus on football

  12. zach smith says:

    They did not just “walk away” from AB but they had to give a 3rd and a 5th just to “walk away.”

  13. Cam says:

    Now how do we feel about the Steelers getting a 3rd and 5th round pick and away from all the AB drama?…

  14. Basteful says:

    The Raiders are definitely playing ” Taylor Swift – I knew you were trouble” right now ??

  15. Quran osborne says:

    He just not a team player that’s why steelers got rid of him

  16. Pale Zombie says:

    Check that idiot’s foot first…ALSO, check his mental state because he’s a diva and will destroy your team.

  17. Mo B says:

    I hope he ends up with the Omaha Horseflies of the arena football league.

  18. kasim allen says:

    Damn my antonio brown raiders jersey is already a throwback

  19. Brian Cook says:

    Antonio is a clown. Yea he’s incredibly talented as a wr. But my god he’s a pain.

  20. James Varley says:

    Adam schefter- Antonio brown has agreed to terms with the patriots.

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