Apartment Ceiling Collapse- Queens, NY

Apartment Ceiling Collapse- Queens, NY

A crack appeared on the ceiling of my sister’s apartment. Three days later, this happened.

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20 Responses

  1. L4NCING says:

    she sounds pissed like she owns this apartment and she has to pay for the
    damages oh man imagine the new couches she doesn’t have to pay and and the
    compensated hotel stays so repairs can be done oh the humanity

  2. reuben hayton says:

    dont be breathing in that shit

  3. oldschooldamnawesome says:

    I expected someone to fall through in a bathtub

  4. TheIceLurker says:

    What the hell is it going to take to make people hold their phone
    horizontally? Apparently not even a potential crisis does the trick.

  5. iman chats says:

    This is my worst nightmare lol living in an apartment building.

  6. Hellary Cuntin says:

    That will buff out.

  7. Agent Bill Wilson says:

    new york buildings are so old and shitty

  8. Millianne 55 says:

    Bet this is redfern.

  9. Anne Spellberg says:

    Yup. Happened to me, too. A crack that was “repaired” opened and came
    crashing down in my kitchen at 3:00 am, the morning of Thanksgiving. Thanks

  10. BubbyTheMaster says:

    At this point you should add a firehouse pole.

  11. Specialist in Failure says:

    My reaction was also “Are you fucking kidding me?!”. But only because the
    ceiling was coming down and you would rather stay inside and film it happen

  12. THE VEG BRO says:

    Probably not the first time that casting couch has been ruined

  13. Julia Crawford says:

    Literally happened to my family’s living room ceiling just hours after we
    moved to a hotel while we were having work done in our house. Only
    difference is the whole ceiling came down, not just a section.

  14. John Rotten says:

    Before it fell you should have ran under it and faked an injury. YOU COULD

  15. EnzoTheBaker says:

    All you people saying she’s dumb for taking a vertical video and should be
    “weeded out of society” forget that your own relatives and family take
    vertical videos and pictures all the time.

    That means your family and friends are dumb too. LOL

  16. Ezra Arvelo says:

    I expected rats out the wazoo

  17. gp5 says:

    I thought an old man on a lazy boy chair reading a newspaper would come
    falling down.

  18. Jason Vorhees says:

    Good thing she wasn’t killed looks like she knew

  19. NIneDJcali says:

    Must be an infestation of nigguhs.

  20. Razster says:

    Don’t breath that in…! Might be an old building, asbestos is nothing to
    mess with.