Apple TV (4th Gen): Unboxing & In-Depth Overview!

Apple TV (4th Gen): Unboxing & In-Depth Overview!

Apple TV (4th Gen) – 2015 – Unboxing & Review coming soon! Apple’s new Apple TV 2015 (4th Gen) vs 3rd gen unboxing and comparison. In this in-depth unboxing and overview video, we take a look at the 4th generation Apple TV. ▶More exclusive Apple TV images & info on 9to5Mac: – ▶TV used in video: – ▶Skin on my iPhone is here:

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19 Responses

  1. Dalton Chapman says:

    Do u have to pay monthly, yearly, etc.

  2. iTwe4kz says:


  3. tipoomaster says:

    Since it’s quite a bit thicker than the older ATV, I wonder if despite
    “just” having an A8 rather than A8X or A9 in there, if it’s clocked higher
    than it ever has been and has some sort of heatsink and maybe even fan in
    there. It’s also heavier, .93 pounds vs 0.6. That could be interesting.
    There are limits on how far they could push the CPU clock due to pipeline
    depth, but the GPU is the more interesting part for gaming, if they could
    near double the clock speed on that…

    Or it could just be for better wireless AC performance, like the super tall
    Airport Extreme. Want to take it apart for us, Dom? :P

  4. Angel Lopez says:

    What’s the song??

  5. IMASWIFTAR12 says:

    Netflix was already on the old one I think, and if not you could AirPlay it

  6. Ar Row says:

    Is the remote bluetooth and infrared ? I want to hide the Apple TV unit in
    a cupboard so need a remote control that works ‘out of sight’ (ie not

  7. Osseous says:

    Can you tell me if the new Apple TV has built in VPN settings/capabilities?
    You can’t use a VPN service directly with the current model. I want to be
    able to access the US apps without using my laptop as a go-between
    (ethernet) or going through an unblocking site.
    I’m having the hardest time getting an answer to this.
    Thank you.

  8. Caelan Sarode says:

    Just a question; does anybody ACTUALLY purchase music/movies through iTunes

  9. RandomVideos says:

    Does anyone remember the unboxing remixes from 2 years ago

  10. Gio048 says:

    Hi Dom, GREAT review. I have a Mac mini running Mac OS 10.7.5. Would the
    apple tv work with this?, or is it to old. Thamks Gio.

  11. Rajeev Sharma says:

    What is your iPhone case and where did you buy it from, it is very cool.

  12. Dom Esposito says:

    Actually, it’s a set top box. 😉

  13. Windows 10 Tutorial says:


  14. Ian Kaplan says:

    Editing on Point.

  15. Julius White says:

    Where do you get your music or do you make it ?

  16. Alejandro Palacios says:

    Arch Enemy FTW!

  17. mytube says:

    @gbrise its have every thing

  18. WassellThatAbout says:

    If you can download Netflix and YouTube for broadcasting any video to the
    TV I’ll be getting one for sure

  19. EveryThingTech says:

    Awesome I had my Apple TV since 2011 and I’m ready for this upgrade thanks
    for an in depth detailed look of the product!