Apple WWDC 2020 keynote in 18 minutes

Apple WWDC 2020 keynote in 18 minutes

WWDC 2020, Apple’s online developer conference, was full of huge announcements. If you weren’t watching live to see what’s coming next for macOS, iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and more, we’ve pulled together all of the biggest moments for you right here.

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0:00 Introduction
0:56 iOS 14
8:40 iPadOS 14
11:05 WatchOS 7
13:45 Privacy
14:53 MacOS Big Sur
17:30 Apple silicon

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95 Responses

  1. Financial Shinanigan says:

    Getting rid of audience reaction really helped with the presentation flow.

  2. abeham27 says:

    I can’t wait to be in no ones pinned conversations 😔

  3. HowlingFishProducts says:

    Feels like I’m part of a Black Mirror episode when I’m watching this

  4. kob says:

    meanwhile apple will give iOS 14 to iPhone 6s and newer devices, thats more than 5 years of OS support.

    • Srinivas A says:

      kob fried my battery iphone 6 with the latest ios 13 update

    • Vlad Nicolescu says:

      Srinivas A the iphone 6 didn’t get ios 13 soo…

    • Henrique Vefago says:

      Vlad Nicolescu Yeah, my iPhone 6 is still on iOS 12, unfortunately

    • Jazz Powers says:

      Maybe these salty MFs should stick with their 2 year update only galaxies. I had a horrible experience with Note 5, never looked back at Samsung, pixel is my new friend

    • joker102 says:

      While OS updates are good, it’s totally different from Ios to Android. On ios every system app or function can only be updated with an OS Update. On Android now most system stuff can be updated with the Play Store at infinity (Like google maps, dialer, contacts, photo ecc.). Also one of the most important thing is that you should change the battery after two years

  5. Aston Kidwell says:

    When you’re jail broken and already have more than half of the features presented lol

  6. Cam Dobyer says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, we’re proud to introduce – Android, for iOS.

    • steamerSama says:

      @matgemini I think he’s talking about the bugfest that’s iOS 13

    • Ollie J says:

      some things never change with apple.

    • Eventus Vantos says:

      @desaturated wrong. It does have good ux consideration. You’re just salty apple took FOREVER to get basic features android has had since the beginning

    • Robert Carter says:

      Loll best comment ever

    • Eventus Vantos says:

      @Fadais they exist
      Wrong they aren’t laggy at all. They aren’t battery hogs either. If anything apple fans are last ones to talk about battery life when even Apple themselves admits to slowing down iphones due to their severe battery life decrease

  7. Aidan says:

    This is just 18 minutes of Craig saying “and we’ve also added…” about a million times

  8. Bee Cyber says:

    Finally, IOS has a Picture-in-picture mode It’s only on ipad before 🤣

    • JoshEntertainment says:

      On android you have it you have to be on the American server or the premium youtube

    • Asain says:

      ??? Ive been watching like that on youtube app. Thought both android and ios got it

    • Felix Bäumle says:

      @Sownheard it was on iOS since iOS 9 i think, but only for iPad

    • Michael Hidalgo says:

      Deepa Baiju it has existed for years. IOS had it, it was just only enabled on iPads. macOS also has it.

    • Michael Hidalgo says:

      Meow Meow Kapow it works on Netflix and on YouTube on the Mac. On the iPad it doesn’t work on YouTube because you would be closing the app and they want you to get a premium subscription. It’s a good feature I use a lot.

  9. Ryan Denziloe says:

    Friendship ended with INTEL
    Now MICROSOFT is my best friend

    • Shayaan Saquib says:

      what no apple is it’s best friend microsoft is just trying to move office new and more powerful macs so they can still make MONEY

    • Jan says:

      Apple really dropped an “I don’t wanna play with you anymore” on Intel

    • Bảo Hồ says:

      Moving to ARM-based inhouse chip has been the trend for years. It allows the companies better control of the development process. Plus ARM-chip allow for sleaker devices with less heating issue. Processing capabilities is limited on ARM chips but that won’t affect casual users much. Microsoft did it with the surface pro x. Intel probably saw this coming years ago. ARM is not their turf. It would be interesting to see how Intel adapt to this new trend.

      Microsoft has been working on ARM compatibility for Office for a while now. It’s not that hard for them to include ARM macOS in the dev process. It’s a win-win move for both companies.

    • Alex says:

      * Now ARM HOLDINGS is my best friend.

    • Haruspex says:

      The enemy of my enemy is my friend

  10. Simranjit Singh says:

    6:18 Canada ?
    Impacts of legalizing marijuana 😂

  11. Jos Timanta Tarigan says:

    Android: wait…. we’ve done this.

    • Tiger Glory says:

      Jos Timanta Tarigan ever heard of good user experience, well they’ve never done that. 🙂

    • FCJEY says:

      @Tiger Glory you’ve never used one, how do u know??? Get a good android not the old ones with poor hardware. Android is unique in its own way and I enjoy my experience with my android phone.

    • Jonathan Watson says:

      Lol too true. Features android has like 4 years ago. Except for all the privacy features

    • FCJEY says:

      @Jonathan Watson yeah , I feel like apple is just playing catch-up instead of leading the phone game like it used to.

  12. Justin Laurente says:

    Seeing widgets integrated into the home screen made me feel sad and nostalgic for Windows phones.

    • hyperlapse says:

      WP was years ahead of its time

    • JoshEntertainment says:

      I wish Windows would work more with Google to create a symbiotic relationship

    • hyperlapse says:

      @JoshEntertainment they do have a lot of symbiosis. Maybe not intentionally so, but as those are the two most used open OSs they have:
      -AirDrop: Google’s developing a version of Airdrop called Nearby that works in android phones as well as computers with chrome. You can also send calls from chrome to your android phone.

    • Bibek says:

      Yes Lumia had grid style which was even more customizable,dark mode, Glance screen 7 years ago. Nostalgic

    • OdysseyTag says:

      Was definitely underappreciated and ahead of it’s time. The Metro tile aesthetic especially worked well on Windows Phones and also married well with the geometric designs of their handsets.

  13. Gustavo Lovato says:

    Comment section in 10 seconds:

    Android already had all this stuff!

    End of summary.

    I’ll be happy to have these features on my iPhone soon and I’m happy for all the Android users who have had them since 1966.

    • Gustavo Lovato says:

      OdysseyTag Duly noted! I stand corrected. 🙂

    • Gustavo Lovato says:

      Astrid Zubin Features rarely appear first on an Apple device, but when they do, they are usually incredibly well executed. Enjoy! 🙂

    • Astrid Zubin says:

      @Gustavo Lovato thanks mate, what phone do you have?

    • Gustavo Lovato says:

      Astrid Zubin I have an iPhone 11 Pro. I’m on the leasing program and keep my phone pretty current. Unlike my desktop computer: mine is a mid 2010 Mac Mini which still works great. And before that I have a 2002 PowerPC G5 that also works great. People criticize Apple for having built in obsolescence. Totally not true. 🙂

    • joker102 says:

      I wanted to buy a MacBook Pro so that I could do bootcamp gaming now I’m supposed to have two laptops 🙁

  14. AlexCheese says:

    No one in the comments is talking about the Mac’s shift to Apple’s ARM chips. This is huge for developers.

    • V. Sriram Sundar says:

      @Mohit Patil fandroids like you think Chromebooks are the best.

    • Ujwal Nambiar says:

      @Emily Schwartz IFKR. I see comments like these on every single video even remotely related to Apple

    • Michael Hidalgo says:

      Mohit Patil they make the iPhone more like the iPhone and the Mac. Added some features most people won’t realize will exist for a few years and macOS has more colors now. Very innovative. The names also keep getting worse.

    • Fauzan Rabbani says:

      @p00lking when u can finally launch ios apps into ur mac, it’s actually affect casual consumer user too

    • Tomme says:

      @p00lking nah. The battery and heat improvements will be huge

  15. daxoze says:

    I honestly really liked how the event was presented. It wasn’t awkward, it kept moving without the audience applauding, and the production values are great. They should keep doing this

    • Kris162 says:

      production was amazing!! felt like a well-produced movie!

    • M. Arbah Binamin says:

      Yeah, no audience applauding at every single thing really does helps improve the flow of it.

    • El Niño says:

      @M. Arbah Binamin lol..yeah.🤣

    • realitities2 says:

      I feel this way about nintendo directs vs other live presentations. The direct will never be as hype as a really great live presentation, but it will always have good flow, good timing and transitions etc. A bad live presentation can be such an awkward trainwreck

  16. Samuel Morris says:

    2:03 *as i move it around the apps dance out of the way* – thats more like windows phone 🥺

  17. rDice says:

    They really were watching the jailbreak community this year.

  18. Coolboy 60 says:

    Not only is the MacOS name “Big Sur” but abbreviated it’s literally BS

    Why apple just… why

  19. jksanrio says:

    “We are introducing something brand new, pinning conversations”
    “For the first time ever, you can choose a picture for your group.”

    Such exciting era we live in.

    • shailesh bardawat says:


    • Bronstig says:

      That and replying to specific messages brings it a whole lot closer to Whatsapp’s feature set. I’m not one to complain that Apple is copying the competition, Whatsapp is great. iMessage was better in some ways (sending videos and pictures without compressing the hell out of them) and lacking in others, and now that they’ve added some of the features they’ve been missing, iMessage is a seriously great messaging platform. I hope they can finally start eroding Whatsapp’s market share in Europe so I can be free of Facebook one day.

    • hyperlapse says:

      WhatsApp be like ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ

    • Azriq Haikal says:

      @Bronstig i never seen one of my friend that use iphone use iMessage in Malaysia. People use whatapps and telegram for texting.

  20. emmahrdz Tz says:

    “Activity” is more accurate than “fitness” tho. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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