April Simpson calls out Tim Ezell for the Hamburglar joke

April Simpson calls out Tim Ezell for the Hamburglar joke

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20 Responses

  1. Carlos Atkins says:

    Its was funny tho

  2. kee Barr says:

    He been wanting to say that every since she walked through the door with
    that shirt on

  3. Emivader says:

    Is that supposed to be a serious news channel? that guy was unprofessional
    as fuck.

  4. Wrinkled Soles says:

    That was too funny! Lol

  5. ChrisB10 says:

    This is a McDonalds reference for all of you yung bucks, the “hamburglar”
    was a character along with Ronald McDonald.

  6. ashvic2 says:

    Yeah, dude will probably need new tires later

  7. Damon Coppola says:

    She’s mad cute though

  8. Taryon Johnson says:

    The white guy was funny and made a good point this hair hat black woman
    looks like the Hamburglar. She looks like the typical angry black woman who
    can’t take a joke.

  9. La to the Bay says:

    Lol the black and white stripes and the red earrings, I get it no shade but
    was that professional I don’t think so! He clearly couldn’t resist haha

  10. Paladonian13 says:

    Id like to hamburgler those fat tits.

  11. Wen Liang says:

    she does look like McDonalds Hamburlar.

  12. Geno2733 says:

    Hamburglar could stand to lose that shitty Hood dialect. She’s supposed to
    be a professional.

  13. nateisback27 says:

    well i hope she never reads this video because she would realize she is
    overweight haha

  14. Ron Stevenson says:

    April is a pretty woman…wonder if she’s single??

  15. Spidey. says:

    What she’s a nice girl. What? Stupid jerk never had a real girlfriend
    before in his whole entire life. She could even be married already.

  16. Monique west says:

    Let’s just say I stopped watching channel 2 news once Tim left the show,
    because he was the comic relief (as you all saw). Their segment aired
    after the actual “News,” and they were very close. They always had back
    and forth banter.

  17. Fitzcannon says:

    Her hair can’t hide that Forest Whitaker eye.

  18. 卐OM卐 says:

    I can’t believe in watching this. 

  19. Wolf Man Lyken says:


  20. Isaiah says:

    Tim was really rude